Aged passage... - colorchallenge saturnday indigo

in busy •  5 months ago

Sony ILCE-6000 helios 44-2 iso-100 1/4000

Aged passage...

Aged passage serial misdeed'
Stun hurt heal secretariat'
Reconsider alight shipwreck serial'
Retort venerable shimmer director...


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Love that wispy cloud appearance.

nice eve

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Great photo @visterhook👏👏Colour mixture is superb... See my favourite colour, blue, being mixed with violet on the sky to produce indigo...


Thank you, @cutymeni, for good words and sky color recipe... :)

Such a wonderful image to show stunning scenery in view thanks to share vote byme


@princeuk12 thank you for mention and support


Great dear and most welcome thanks

nice photo capture i like it resteemed your post @insomniacsk


@insomniacsk thanks a lot for recall and resteem


wellcome !

Fantastic image captured.

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