Professional MAKEUP DAY and more (StoryTime)

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Hello my dears steemiams 💕

I want to go back with a story interesting, I have not been here for a long time, I confess that I was very discouraged of steemit, but I want to come back with more courage and power, I hope to be welcome once more
This topic is going very well for the girls and I would to tell you the story of how I won these cute awards .

One day I decided to participate randomly in an instagram raffle, I knew that these contests are scammers but I still liven. The indications were not very difficult, so I did it very quickly.
Two weeks went by when one day a congratulatory email arrived telling me that I should go to collect my prizes at the weekend, so I was happy because I had never won anything through social networks.
The weekend arrived and I was very excited to pick up my prizes. The place was very elegant, it was a multi-brand makeup store. Great. My prizes were the following: a professional make-up made by an expert make-up artist, and a line of nail paintings from Ollé Né a Paris

Here are some photos of the results:


Here a little closer and with light


and then what do you think?

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Very nyc