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Hello steemians friends, trying to understand and interpret the concept of experience, which many professionals defend with vehemence, without considering the possibilities that practical applications are true or false. It leads to infer, about the tactics and strategies used, to impose achievements or to use power, to impose perceptual concepts. Without considering the possibilities of doing physical or psychological damage, by encouraging Subjectives, which, in many cases, out of ignorance, are imposed as Objectives, when trying to link them with Intelligible Beings.

In the absence of specific capabilities to detect them, they manage to pass unnoticed; that only a mind awake and with wisdom, intuits the presence, capable of taking forecasts, which can prevent, greater evils. To interpret it, it needs to be communicated with great detail, by the original source, to capture the errors and benefits; that can help others and avoid great efforts, that generate unhappiness or destroy patience, of those who wish to prevent others from suffering them.

The concept of specific experiences is significantly impacted by the pragmatic nature of natural phenomena, considered as accessible sources to the knowledge of truth; used by the research methodology, to check hypotheses and by the occurrence, they are labeled as theories. While specific experiences more general and general, are widely impacted by dogmatic knowledge and require greater efforts in developing instruments for measuring variables with smaller variations; with behavior and time of occurrences, which in many of the cases discover them exceed the life of the researchers. And with high possibilities, to interfere with spiritual connections, to complete them or to discover or diminish the false.

Being present in a scenario, where it is about imposing ideological concepts, without the will to confront them in a dialogical way. It leads to infer, about the need to start a process of conceptual deepening, to avoid the dolphins of yesterday, which are the dinosaurs of today; pretend with contrary experiences, avoid new ways of living.


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