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Dear Steemians,

With Icelandair you can fly directly from Berlin to Reykjavik for 167 Euro.
Flights are available in January until March.
You can book here:

Have fun

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Great and amazing travelling tips for go Berlin to Reykjavik.

Thanks @ulfr for sharing this post.💚💚💚

Beautiful deal for flying at 167 euro.

Top class photography and nice travel guidance.

That looks like a beautiful place to go to

I love your travel proposals, always at a good price and the spectacular destination.

Thank you for the information

Great travel tip for go Berlin to Reykjavik.

Good information really amazing 👉👍

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I did not know Reykjavik existed, you see a beautiful place.

Pretty good affordable deal at 167 euro.

wow this is really amazing

Wow what a fabulous destination, I love friend!

Never heard of Reykjavik but just searched about it looks a great place


So I could teach you something...

Better way to go Reykjavik using with Icelandair.