Hainan Airlines: Directly for 388 Euro from Madrid or Brussels to Shenzhen

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Dear Steemians,


With Hainan Airlines you can fly directly for 388 Euro from Madrid or Brussels to Shenzhen.
Flights are available from March until April.
You can book here:


Have fun

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Its a great deal to travel in holidays.

Very nice post.it look like wonderful place .i wishig to go this place one day in my life.thanks to sharing it @ulfr


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The price is very excellent and affordable for all Madrid
It was also known as Magritte, the capital of the Kingdom of Spain and its largest city with a population of 3.2 million (January 2011), with a population of 6.54 million. The city is 607 square kilometers (234 square miles). The city lies on the banks of the Manzanares River in central Spain,

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Hainan Airlines: Directly for 388 Euro from Madrid or Brussels to Shenzhen

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388 Euro from Madrid or Brussels to Shenzhe
that is awesome .

Great travel tip for go from Madrid or Brussels to Shenzhen.

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Thanks for letting us know about the Hainan Airlines. Affordable price.

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Hainan Airlines: Directly for 388 Euro from Madrid or Brussels to Shenzhe.
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Thanks for sharing. But can This air line allow to use simple credit cards?

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