Red and beautiful flowers in my yard

in #busy2 years ago (edited)

Good morning steemians
After a busy day for a few days, this morning I will share a post about a flower that blooms a few days that withers, this plant looks as usual and nothing special, so I never thought it would grow this beautiful flower.

Initially I planted this plant only to fill empty pots, but it showed satisfying results, I didn't know the name of this flower, but I really liked the red color that broke, made all eyes come to look, and there were also some people who said that this flower was rare . That's right, I also rarely see this flower in the yard around me.

The flower crown looks long and spiky, the surface is slippery and slightly striped, the stems are elongated and a small pile of pollen is visible which makes the flower more beautiful. But it's a pity, this flower is not durable, can only last five days, and then wither. This plant only blooms about once every two months.

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