Tales From The Cringe #15 - Cosmo Cover & One of the few times Piers Morgan gets it right

in busy •  3 months ago


Note the "The other lover, Why I vetted my wife's affair" subhead... What a fucking misogynistic shitlord, trying to control who his wife is gonna fuck and who not. Her body, Her Choice asshole!!!!


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I think I just threw up in my mouth. Gross.

κάνει και βιζιτες;;; να πάρω 2;;; 🤤😨😱🤢🤣🤣🤣


αυτη ειναι τρεις σα και σενα... Δυο τι να τις κανεις?


ειμαι μαζοχας.... :ppp

disgusting, all those tattoos.

She squishy

We have to go from one extreme to another...LOL

Where is common sense in the world!