for steemit beginners~how to transfer steem/sbd to bittrex?

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hello steemit beginners, i'd like to share my experience at steemit with you, hoping it will be helpful
follow me, let's grow together at steemit!

    find steem/sbd, now take steem as example
    click the + button
    you will get your sbd Memo and Registered Acct
    better to read the information carefully
  2. login your steemit account
    input or copy bittrex in the section to
    input the amount you want to transfer
    input the memo you copy from step 1
    click submit
  3. input your steemit password and click ok
    then, wait for several minutes, check your bittrex wallets, you will get the sbd in your bittrex account

how to cash your steemit money?
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