I am sorry... I have a confession to make

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I have a confession

I have been here since July 1st, 2017 and have kept something a secret from a large portion of you. I am not proud of this, and I with deep regret I bring this up.

I am generally completely open and upfront, so it is out of my character to have to make this confession. I know it will disappoint a great many of you to hear this, and from deep down I am sorry.


I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me, but I am going to just come out and say it.

I am not Nathan Filion.

I know this comes as a shock to many of you, and it must hurt to hear this.

I am not an actor, I didn't make the greatest show ever released (Firefly if you haven't figured that out yet), and I didn't star in Castle. I don't even wish I did. I am just a fan of the show.

Why do I have an avatar of Nathan Fillion?

When I got on Steem I chose a random name by repeating words as a lot of names were taken and came up with TheMarkyMark. There was no reference to Mark Walburg, another actor that I have been confused with. It wasn't until after the name was accepted I realized what I chose.

I am well known for dropping a lot of Firefly gifs, it is kind of my calling card. When the cover image feature was introduced someone made me this cover image.


I later had the following image made to go with it.


Before that though, I had this gif made.

I thought it was a cool tribute to a show that died before it reached its peak. Apparently many believed Nathan Filion was really on Steem.

I am sorry about this confusion, and I wanted to come out and be clear I am not Nathan Fillion.

It is probably a good time to clear a few other things up while I have your attention.

@apsu isn't a loaf of bread.

I am disappointed @apsu hasn't come out and said this, as I am sure many are confused about it.

@nonameslefttouse isn't a scary dude with red eyes

At least I hope not, I may be wrong here.

@taskmaster4450 isn't actually a cat

That would be pretty cool though, cats are pretty smart.

@pennsif isn't a fox

This should be fairly obvious at this point, but I feel it should be clear. I am sure someone has confused him with a fox and it isn't fair.

If you haven't figured it out by now... I am not Nathan Fillion.

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I'm sadly also not a giant letter. I wish I could be though.

I'm sadly also
Not a giant letter. I
Wish I could be though.

                 - rishi556

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

HaikuBot strikes again when you least expect it!





or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't tell me. You arent a spider??

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unlike these posers



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I knew it and the cutest one around!

Body swap. Wut?

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:thinking emoji:

Hahaha! That’s really good!

ok accepted

throws you into the pool


we dont want the unsexy version ever reappearing >:C


Nathan, Nathan, Nathan. I know you're just trying to divert attention. Shouldn't you be petitioning networks to pick up firefly???

But, Nathan. Nathan! You must have hit your head again, Nathan! Nathan! Just go look in the mirror, Nathan! That's really you! You're Nathan, Nathan!

Somebody get Nathan some help!


Nathan forgot who he is again! This is a sad day for Steem...

Without you, Nathan, we're Nuthin'. Please come back, Nathan.

I'm not talking to you no more 😢

Counter confession: I've never seen Firefly.

Sneaks out of comment section

You should correct this serious error in judgement as soon as possible.

Ouch. I'll quit everything I'm doing to see what I've been missing out on :-/

Me neither.

/runs out right after you

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I am sorry for your loss.

:-( I'm grieving. I honestly don't feel this ever made it to my country, but maybe I just missed it for other reasons.

Sadly it isn't on Netflix but is $15 for the BluRay on Amazon.

I really am the Earth itself though, albeit a matrix version, and an actual dick.
I can't wait to burn you all to death with climate change.

Climate change is so hot today.

I am safe for another day the humans don’t expect a thing.

@pennsif IS a fox. I have seen a photo of him. Confirmed fox.

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Actually I'm a shapeshifter. Sometimes a fox, sometimes a penguin...

Oh gosh... a penguin in the welsh countryside? I will keep an eye out.. kinda waddles in a black and white suit? About yay high?

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I didn't actually know who Nathan was, but I have heard of Mark Wahlberg. I know a lot of people here operate under a pseudonym to retain some privacy. That's fine and part of what Steem makes possible. I have met @pennsif and can confirm he does not have a bushy tail, but he is very smart.

But, have you checked out his ears?

Thanks for vouching for me Steve. Actually that's why I kept my coat on... 😀

Sir, I am disappoint.

Drink it down, !BEER

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @enforcer48, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!


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and i am not really a lego sitting on a toilet roll

That would be a shitty hand to be dealt if you were.

Wait. That’s what it is?

lol, yep, paper roll


But you're a lovely lego, all the same.

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I'm not really this ridiculously good looking.

Its okay, we know you're a balding 50 year old lady hunched over your computer screen with a bucket of ice cream. And we accept you. ;)

That warms my heart.


All these times we sat and talked. All these times we spent together. All these times I thought you were my friend.

And now the truth comes out. You are an actor... an actor pretending to be an actor.

I am sick right now at the thought that you betrayed me all this time.

All this time I thought Nathan Fillion was a really smart dude with lots of good knowledge to be gained from. I figured you learned all this from your many roles. But I guess I am easily persuaded.

You betrayed my trust and forever will I remember. I guess you cannot trust anyone on the crypto-sphere.

And I guess you are going to tell me next that You really arent The Real Marky Mark either.

Not sure what else to say.......

Funny, of course most are here because we are trying to be anonymous. Blockchain is for security and anonymity to protect ourselves. People who are this space must be mindful of this. Great post, too bad we are got downvoted by @ranchorelaxo and @haejin

Don't believe him, you crusty turbo virgins. This is definitely Nathan Fillion, I played Fortnite with him once before, so I would definitely know. He's just trying to throw us off his scent. Probably because he's getting ready to release some new Gamer Boi bathwater that you can buy from his Patreon, for only $19.95.

$19.95? That's just the shipping charge.

Damn, Belle Delphine better watch out. The market is about to get turned over, spit on and fucked in the ass real hard with those prices.

Well excuse me, but I am a pixelated version of my original self.

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I knew it.

Can't sneak anything by you!

What?? No mention of me not being a maniac?.. well... maybe I am... (storms off in a huff...)...

I am not Nathan Fillion.

Damn it! Why not? Maybe you can try? He's hot and funny. Give it a shot.

Yes, Firefly was awesome and I still rewatch it at times. Also, I am a pink haired anime character like my avatar.

I tried this but it didn't work.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I have to admit also, I'm not Charles "Stackin" Fuchs. I just use his images.

I have reported you to steemcleaners for impersonation. 😂

Oh snap! 😂😂😂

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Just to make things clear, I am a black cat.

Just to make things clearer, I'm going to need my TV remote back. You've had it for too long now.


Right. We're taking you to the vets. No reason, just because we know you don't like it.


now that is to bad, in my mind you will always be him anyway, even if you are not... we are all sure you are lying

omg u are a hoot.

Another show I miss madly.

Boston Legal is freaking hysterical.

So well written and sharp and witty...

I have a confession to make... my rabbit ears are pretend.


who is Nathan Fillion?
all this time I knew you as @themarkymark only.

seriously i don't know anything about Nathan Fillion.

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i meant to say that i know you as themarkymark so it's not a matter if you're Nathan Fillion or not.

you're themarkymark.

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!giphy Nathan+filion

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// Supported by witness untersatz! //
PS. I couldn't find you a suitable GIF (sorry!)

!giphy Mark+wahlberg

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// Supported by witness untersatz! //

This is awesome. The fact that it's not entirely ironic (or satirical) and that there are some people who thought you were the real guy is amazing. This confusion has been going on for a while now so it's probably good that you came forward to set the record straight and to give a public apology. Lol Hilarious.

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Would you be surprised if I said that I'm not really surprised? :-)


You have deceived us all.... and this was the only reason I’ve been reading your posts and upvoting, because I’m shallow and only follow TV celebrities.....

PS: by the way, I really am a skull with an enormous cranial cavity that contains a ☯️ and a 🕉.

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I am not a mouse also!


Welcome to the blacklist, fella. How dare you impersonate my favorite show's main actor, you're gonna pay big time...
!giphy how+dare+you

// Supported by witness untersatz! //

I don't know who Nathan Filion is.

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It's OK I Used to be a Stock Broker but I am not Licensed Anymore......Confession is Good for the Soul................

Haha you know what? I don't care - you will always stay caleb from buffy .. and pennsif is (I know it!) the fox I spot in my garden from time to time.

I'll admit, I'm not a bitcoin skeptic, I am somewhat of a bitcoin maximalist - excluding Steem.

I don't actually moon walk...

Right. This is the final straw. I'm powering down and leaving 😥

OMG! It comes as a surprise to me!

Well, I must say that I am I'm fact a badger! On Wisconsin!

like on, on the entire state?
You must be YUGE!

What? This is absurd!

Next you will say that @berniesanders isn't the real Bernie...

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He isn’t?



Speak for yourself. I am, in fact, a blue dinosaur.

Is it emotional for you to know all your friends and family died out millions of years ago?

He's still got yoshi.

You have no idea. But millions of years has been a long enough time to come to terms with what happened.

After listening to your radio show and running your voice through my proprietary voice recognition software, I only returned one match! I can definitively conclude that @themarkymark is actually @theflavorflav.


Yeah BOYEEE. You’ve been doxed!

Shocking .

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Unfortunately, my avatar is not a picture of my own eye... :(

This is outrageous. What about space, are you going to tell us you have never been in space!?

I had figured you weren't him. You're a fanboy, and that's cool. But I did google the guy to make sure I wasn't crazy when I thought your avatar was an actor. I never watched firefly, but recognised the face.

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Maybe time for me to confess as well...

Downvoted for your obvious (and ongoing) intent to deceive the masses. Just own up to your fame already.

Shhh, trying to stay low profile here.

You must just have these gifs at the ready.

If you only knew...

goes on for a few pages

And that's just the Firefly ones.

HAHAHAHAHA. That's great.

What browser extension do you use for that?

I use a macro program (Phrase Express).

Unfollowed. We were all just waiting for the re-boot. Also fairly sure pennsif actually is a fox, sneaking around the chain all day.

Ooooohh... I see

it looks like someone is giving the cat the middle finger in taskmasters photo

I had a strange feeling you were never Nathan Fillion I just couldn't put my finger on it why I felt that way.

Shhh, they will figure out I am not a purple whale.

Wait. Does this mean you are actually Morena Baccarin?!!!!


If I was, I'd never leave the house.

I was bad at recognise people, for a very long time I thought your avatar was yourself and I thought he was really good looking. I felt very stupid when I told other Steemians about it later.
(done my confession)

I wouldn't worry about it too much, now if you thought a loaf of bread avatar was really a loaf of bread, that might be unforgivable.

or ats' avatar could be him

I am not a bell star and explosive beautiful like the supernovas...but thanks so much for making me laugh after a long day at work today. :)

Anyways we all are Stardust for supernovas particles.

Supernova is responsible for creating elements in the universe and the human body.


I hope you feel much better after your confession.

Lovely evening @themarkymark :)

Well my day has just been ruined. Thanks a whole fucking lot! Liar!!

LMFAO. the salt is sooo real.

I am not Nathan Fillion.

That is exactly what I would expect Nathan Fillion to say...

And can you verify that @taskmaster is not a cat? If we haven't seen him or ... her at a Steemfest, who is to say?

And can you verify that @taskmaster is not a cat? If we haven't seen him or ... her at a Steemfest, who is to say?

You got me, I haven't.

This is the funniest thing I have seen on STEEM in awhile.

I'm neck deep in frauds over here on this blockchain. I thought @pennsif was at least part fox.

There seems to be no proof either way...

I only know that you are Themarkymark ... That's all, ya I saw firefly, I am familiar with Nathan Fillion but doesn't matter...

Sadly I am what is visible on my display picture ! Lol

Great Blog @themarkymark !

I have no idea who Nathan F. is, who knows he has to confess one day he is not you. Thanks for the great post and the smile on my face. I wish you a happy Monday 💕

Ha ha😅👍

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Wow, this means I've been bilking steem from all those fan club members here on Steemit. I guess I'll have to spent the night writing a letter of regret for your deceitfulness. If anyone should inquire please tell them the refund checks are in the mail.


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Okay. Okay. I'm not a pigeon.
I regret it too. Anyone who sees my account thinks I'm a dove.
I am so sorry, but in reality I am a penguin.
But I love this song: