How to trick users into doing something they don't want

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So I noticed a new change on recently that I didn't notice until it was too late. now has an option to share 10% of your post rewards with Busy. This option is at the bottom of the new post window and easy to miss.

It defaults to send 10% to Busy and there is no global setting to disable this option. If you turn it off, it will be turned on automatically for your next post.

If you want to charge beneficiaries for your UI Busy, then do it. Don't try to deceive and manipulate people.

If Busy comes out and says they are now charging 10% beneficiaries for using their UI, that's one thing. To force users to use it with underhanded tactics like this? That's not cool.

If you want to force something, disclose it and do it and let the users decide if they still want to use your service.

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Just another reason not to use Busy. Admittedly, Busy has been falling behind for a while now. @steempeak is a much better and stable UI, which has all of the same features and a way better UI.

This is a dodgy change.

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I do every now and then. but you are right at least warn people. It appeared last weekend I think and have given them once and buggered up an extra one that I thought I had unclicked. I think there should be a box of 1-10 percent and it should stay there permanently and you can just choose what you want to give. I agree with @whatsup saying they have to be self sufficient.

I noticed the box and I leave it checked about every other time. I think 5% seems fair. I do get your concerns, but on one hand everyone is asking the apps to become sustainable, they are going to have to take money from somewhere.

I any case they also provide a nice upvote. :)

Good point thanks for making it clear to others that hadn't noticed.

Dear @themarkymark

This is absolutely wrong approach and I'm surprised that decided to play it out this way. Thx for sharing this info with us.

Cheers, Piotr

It's pretty lazy. I don't think they even talked about it anywhere.

It just appeared.

Honestly I noticed that last week I foudn that decision weird too

Noticed this too the other day and was actually unsure how long it had been up for. Thanks for clearing things up. I do feel like keeping it checked every now and so often is fair and find myself agreeing with you on the always on aspect of it. Thanks for sharing!

Better watch out man or they'll change it to 100% on you

The option should be turned off and only be turned on if a person clicks on it, if a person wants to help out the project. Being perma on is trying to trick people into giving them money imo.

The worst part is that they didn't inform the community they were doing this, they just did... at least I didn't see any posts explaining this new (forced) option.

I took this information as a breaking news. Thanks a lot for reveling the hidden truth

It isn’t really a secret, just don’t like the way they are going about it.

For now, busy is the least interesting of all the front-ends for steem! Access Revoked! ;)

Yeah I always have had mixed feelings about it. Some good things some bad. Steempeak is where it is at.

Agreed on Steempeak... I like that a lot! The idea of Steeve is not bad either... After all the condensers tested I stay mostly with Steempeak for now.

So you disable it or not they will recieve 10% xD

Many people will forget, and not notice. You have to do it every post. It's deceptive and manipulative.

It has been there for at least a week, should be off by default and then allow users to opt in.

Yea, they got me last time too. I disabled it once and thought it would save, but it didn't.

And drugwar's 35% beneficiary is even worse. I heard there isn't even an option to confirm the action, just pressing it once makes the post.

Thats really sad and sly of Ive been telling new steemians that I make accounts for that busy is cool although I dont use it personally, and now I feel I should tell them all about this and give them a different idea to use another like Esteem.

Thanks for the alert!

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Why are you resteeming this steemit scammer?

I resteemed it because a 10% semi hidden fee is alot to people just starting off, and so its good information to share to raise awareness to others.

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He rips people off, blatantly with his bot, he needs to self check, before trying to out others.

One thing that bothered me about it is that they didn't just add this; they replaced the "Upvote your own post" button that was there. So if you are used to not clicking on this button, you might not noticed that the text has changed to something completely different.

That said, I think it's fair for them to offer the option for people to set them as a beneficiary easily, but I really wish it had been untoggled by default, so that no one gives away money by a mistake.

You hypocritical cunt you, who takes peoples steem and gives a shite service, you are a CUNT.

Shit service? Why because I didn’t participate in upvoting a link for 400 Steem to a third party site (because ftg wanted to “archive it on the blockchain if the site goes down”) (I’ll give you some time to think about the stupidity of that comment.

I also find it comical that he removed his witness vote in the past because he hates bid bots.


Yet he posts 16,000 times in a 24 hour period and then tried to upvote a hyperlink with 15 bots for 400 Steem.

On top of that, I wasn’t going to keep the money until he threatens me.


My policy about spam and abuse is very clear and documented. It is the same policy as other bots.

I know it won’t change your opinion as nothing @fulltimegeek does can be wrong.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

I have nothing to do with him, we talked before, when you ripped me off, with your shite bot service, FTG may think like me, he is though, not me!

oh, when someone else bid and lowered your ROI?

Again, same as all the other bots, pretty well known how they work.

Bots are not cash registers they are promotional services.

You are a very flawed individual, a bid, is a bid, it is binding, only if you win, you fucked this place up, some of "us" will take it back, and put the cred back into credibility, now, fuck off, and play marbles, with bernie, on some motorway, already

Same rule for all the bid bots buddy.

Nope, all the others wait for another round, you just use the extras to play dice with, Got your number, got your wallet, got you, owned, what ya going to do?

Not all. Most of what the bot makes goes to my delegator, not me. But a good theory, I will give you credit. I'm going to have some popcorn, want some?

Ha, I noticed this as well and was like WTF.
Having to opt out of a 10% beneficiary on every post is pretty lame.

I noticed the box and I leave it checked about every other time. I think 5% seems fair. I do get your concerns, but on one hand everyone is asking the apps to become sustainable, they are going to have to take money from somewhere.

I any case they also provide a nice upvote. :)

Good point thanks for making it clear to others that hadn't noticed.

Everyone is free to make money, but busy could have atleast made an announcement about it (maybe they did,im not a user of busy), just out of decency really

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There are so many ways to interact with steemit it seems. I'm still trying to figure it all out, but it seems the best ways, to me, are either via my laptop or S9. I'm sure the incentive of "use this app...we will give you said reward" is quite a determining factor, but I find it's easier without all the "extra" options...

Appreciate you pointing this out my friend; transparency is always best, lest karma do it's thing...

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