🔹Effect of polar Vortex, Minnesota, USA🔹

in busy •  17 days ago

Hello all steemitians,

Here is some pictures of effect of polar vortex in Minnesota , window of our house covered with snow about one third.
Last week temperature went below 57 degree .










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Wow, that is really impressive 57 bellow zero, I can't imagine how people survive that is they are homeless! Seeing the pattern of your window that reminded me on our cold winter in Kazakhstan when I was little, every time we were running to window to find which one has best pattern :) I hope you have not had your door or windows blocked with snow, although there is a window that half covered with snow, is it your window?


You know the cold weather, most of us like us we had no previous experience atleast not like this, now we can better know how to adapt and adjust that . Yes those pictures are my window view and lucky enough that our door were not blocked because we live in an apartment where many recidents are living. You can see those cars from the parking lot. My hubby had that coldest outdoor experience it was like red ant bite on skin. Most dangerous part is after snow the gizzard which is too slippery that both human and car can slip and accident may occur.

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