So how is everyone here coping with the idea that Doge coin might flip Bitcoin if this pattern continues?

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I am mostly kidding around with the tittle.

I should have known something was up because it began pumping RIGHT BEFORE shit started going down. Insider trading is a meme in the crypto space but god damn its so obvious that people knew something was up. Which I mean, its not that crazy of a concept that Bitcoin would hit major resistance at that point. But the dump was a bart, that was not organic downward movement. It was obviously a whale dumping to cause the price to crash. The timing was very specific to make it look like it was resistance. Its very clear that there are actors who do not want this down trend to end right now.

And here I was merrily prancing around thinking about how a meme coin is pumping!

lol so random guys! lol doge is up 180% lol

This market is designed to fleece you. If you have a coin and you are in it just because you are hoping it will someday go up then you WILL be bag holding. The only exception might be Bitcoin because its a meme coin just like Doge. And believe it or not Bitcoin is still sideways right now. It might not feel like it but as long as Bitcoin remains above 5800 then we are ultimately sideways. But your gains will be less than half what you would get from holding alts if a bull run does ever happen again.

But we are likely to not see a Bull run again for a very long time because crypto is entering a use case paradigm shift. The market needs to bleed the hodlers dry before it can pump again. Use cases and meme coins will be the only things left standing.

Coins like NEO EOS TRX ADA IOTA and literally anything you see getting constant hate in places like r/cryptocurrency are the ones most likely to recover. I cannot stress this enough. r/cryptocurrency is a garbage dump with very little actual value. The more a coin is hated there the more likely it is to have long term gains. The more a coin is loved there the more likely you will be a bag holder or falling behind on profits. ETH gets incredible amounts of love there while something like EOS is massively hated.

A lot of the most hated coins here are some of the best performing coins of the year.

Everyone is lying to you. Everyone wants your money.

They will tell you ETH is a solid project with a huge number of devs yet its never had anything really going for it. They will tell you Bitcoin matters and that lightning network is going to come out any day now. They will tell you that dapps are not important. They want you to buy their bags so they can make money. And right before the dump a good number of them will either tether or jump to Doge.

Its a big club and you're not in it.

They don't want you to buy the dip. They want you to buy the green candles. If you don't want to listen, fine. Its ultimately up to you. But its obvious as fuck.

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Since only meme coins survive, lets make door coin.

Then for phase two of door coin, we cash it out and watch it plummet while releasing a series hodor memes

Phase three we buy an actual rocket that says Hold the Doorcoin and send it to the moon.

Phase four, we hire the real hodor as a hype-man.

I think this is a pretty decent roadmap


In this market, that would be a great idea.

I don't want to explain why, but I think something is coming around the 12th.

Yeah Dogecoin will soon surpass Bitcoin

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