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in busy •  2 months ago

Alright everyone I got a patch out with a good portion of the main things I wanted to fix. I still have a bunch of changes and fixes I have planned left to do as well.

  • Sniper Rifle Blueprint now correctly appears in Sanctuary vending machine.
  • Blueprints in safe zone vending machine should now appear as correct item level.
  • Level cap value now correctly displays during character creation.
  • Bulwark Shield is now 25% more transparent. (Easier to see through it.)
  • AI nolonger tries to walk through the Bulwark Shield.
  • Gun Turret AP cost has been raised.
  • Gun Turret max sight range increased.
  • Gun Turret Accuracy reduced.
  • Blaster projectile speed doubled.
  • Zombie Security Accuracy reduced.
  • Damaged Ice Lance name should now appear correctly.
  • Empty ammo icon no longer uses placeholder graphic.
  • There is now a 40% chance that an ambush will simply fail to happen. (Fewer and less predictable ambushes)
  • Addressed a clipping issue on the final level of mission 2.
  • Rivet Gun now consumes arrows for ammo.

And here is a bonus video of me testing the new build!

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