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I have made some changes based on recent feedback.

  • Monsters spawning adjustments to procedural generation.
    If you remain in one area for awhile enemies will stop spawning. They will begin spawning again as you enter the another location.
  • Ammo boxes are more plentiful on early levels.
  • Ammo Boxes now appear on the automap so you can plan accordingly.
  • Removed silly "what do you want to do?" text
  • Vending machines now always appear at the players level.
  • Automap no longer displays level name text.
  • Adjusted monster spawning for higher level content.
  • Mana ammo is now "Red Mana" instead of "Brown Mana"

My wife Zombiedoll is planning to do a live stream of Revulsion tonight with all of the new changes active.

Check out and follow her stream! I will be present and working on the game while she streams.

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