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Alright so this patch has a bunch of stuff again. I managed to address most issues people brought up in the forum this week in addition to many other changes as well. There are still a few bugs I feel need to be addressed.

  • HUD : Health and armor bars now scale a bit better.
  • HUD : Health and armor bars now have a cleaner graphic.
  • Clipping issue on the second map of Soldiers overlook addressed.
  • Final level before Final boss : many clipping issues addressed. (Getting stuck while crouching ect...)
  • Final level before Final boss : many shortcut issues on Revulsion Difficulty addressed.
  • Final level before Final boss : Raised pillars to the ceiling.
  • Final level before Final boss : Ai will not attempt to gather up near a closed doorway anymore.
  • Enemy Affix changes (Elemental resistences matter a lot more now)
  • ( Armored ) Armor +400%, Lightning -200%, Ice +50%, Fire +50%, Poison +100%
  • ( Flame Resistant ) Lightning +100%, Ice -100%, Fire +200%, Poison -50%
  • ( Ice Resistant ) Lightning -50%, Ice +200%, Fire -100%, Poison +100%
  • ( Poison Resistant ) Lightning -50%, Ice +100%, Fire -100%, Poison +200%
  • ( Lightning Resistant ) Lightning +200%, Ice -50%, Fire +100%, Poison -100%
    Note : Fire resistance threshold increased to 5x just like all other elements.
  • Berserker armor affix no longer reduces max health.
  • Revulsion will now check to see if you have actually obtained an advancement reward after claiming it. If you do not have the reward it will give you another chance to collect it.
  • You can now disable side leaning and view bobbing in the options menu.
  • Monsters that are Tough, Epic or legendary no longer spawn at reduced health.
  • Combat leggings now have the correct resistance values.
  • Sound channel issues should be much less of a problem now. (I reduced the number of overlapping sounds for common sounds considerably.)
  • Cost of crafting new items has increased to encourage more repairing and upgrading of existing items.
  • Default grenade ammo pool increased to 20. (Was 10)
  • Default Rocket ammo pool decreased to 7. (was 10)
  • Rapid grenade launcher magazine sized increased to 16. (Was 8)
  • You now have a hud indicator letting you know how many secrets a level has and how many you have found. This indicator lets you know when you discover a secret.
    Note : If you have an existing game it will think you have not found those secrets yet.
  • Variety of items and weapons in the starting vending machine greatly increased.
  • Added a note in the dismantle menu on how to enable auto dismantle mode.
  • Fixed typo in the Bulwark shield name.
  • Crouch no longer gets stuck when releasing the key while standing in a loot chest bubble.
  • Improved performance in random gen content. (Reduction of complexity of random gen levels.) This also means that the random gen levels have much more simple layouts and thus much less repeating geometry.

I will make a video tonight to talk about the remaining issues and to just give some general thoughts about the game and future planning.

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