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As many of you know, I am both passionate and optimistic about the future of STEEM. This blockchain is filled with some incredible people that are going to help lift it to great heights.

However, many might be wondering why I feel the way I do. I decided to write this as a way to give people insight into some of my thinking. Based upon this, I hope others decide to follow and write their own post as to why they are so passionate about STEEM.

This article might delve into a few different areas since my view of STEEM is holistic in nature.

We live in a world of misdirection (read lies). It matters none whether people believe in conspiracies, deep states, and other views that the mainstream deems nonsense. The fact is that humanity has suffered at the hands of the elite for thousands of years. We were enslaved by a system based upon scarcity. Walking the esoteric line, it was focused upon 3D consciousness. This removed power from the masses, putting it in the hands of the few.

Bitcoin was a total game changer. This put the creation and distribution of money in the hands of the masses. For the first time, maybe ever, humanity had the potential to wrestle control away from those who are doing harm.

Obviously, there are some flaws with the Bitcoin design but, make no mistake, it was revolutionary. For me, it was not Bitcoin that was given to the world by Satoshi but, rather, cryptoeconomics. This was the gift to humanity.

With this system, we have the ability to directly provide incentive (read reward) individuals with new money. This is vastly different from what we experience under the scarcity model. Of course, those in power do not like this idea. As more cryptoeconomic systems emerged, the orchestrated FUD attack was engaged. Throughout this year, we saw a relentless, coordinated attack on most everything crypto. I believe this is totally by design.

What really caught my attention about cryptocurrency is that it is 5D consciousness. This is one of the mechanisms that will uplift humanity to a higher level. Through the embracing and acceptance of crypto, we move to a higher plane of living. Ultimately, we can use this to end much of the suffering in the world that comes from poverty. We also will be able to fund those initiatives that will further the progress of humanity.

STEEM is a microcosm of what is taking place. This is a full blown cryptoeconomic system that is already netting results. The potential on here is massive simply because of the people who are dedicated to moving this forward.

As someone who immersed myself in the study of technology from a general trend level, I rarely look at how things are. Technological forecasting is about projecting the possibilities and narrowing them down to suitable options. Understanding the trend and a general timing of things is helpful.

For this reason, when I write about STEEM, I rarely do so from the point we are at this moment. Many, in my opinion, fail to see the fluid nature of it all. Things move so rapidly that what one is upset about today might not even be around in 3 weeks.

This past week was a prime example. Right after the hard fork, people were having a cow about the loss of VP. Now, that things are almost back to normal in that area, it is not a consideration. Of course, now the RC is a problem and the focus of the dismay. Give it a few weeks or a month, and that will be a thing of the past.

The one thing that STEEM has going for it is a crew of top-notch geeks. Geeks are the ones running they world. They are the modern day creators and innovators. The applications that we already saw emerge are a testament to this.



STEEM is much more than a content/reward blockchain. This is part of a larger struggle that is taking place. We are at Ground Zero in the battle for control. Decentralization is humanity's path to freedom and the elites do not like that. Therefore, we will see even greater backlash than what already took place.

Make no mistake about it, there are trillions of dollars on the line. That is how serious this is.

The Internet was suppose to be the technology that provided the freedom to humanity. Unfortunately, as we all are aware, it became a siloed system which a few entities controlling it. Today, if you control the internet, you control the world. That is why data is more valuable than oil.

It is the path to power.

This fact has to pain Tim Berners-Lee. He is the credited with the World Wide Web. Since that time, he saw his baby go from something that could elevate humanity to one that only further enhanced the control mechanisms. This has to be akin to Picasso seeing his paintings turned into Memes.

So what does a Super-Geek do when what he develops get used for ill-purposes? He spends years creating something that will undermine what they are doing. Now, Berhers-Lee is embarking upon a new web, one that is decentralized and could take out the likes of Facebook and Google.

For a very good read on this topic:


I wrote a great deal about the project of the Bench Team and the distributed web being created by Jared Rice. I guess we can call him a Pissed-Off-Geek. His nose is out of joint so he is creating something that the controlling entities cannot get their hands on nor shut down. Welcome to dWeb.

My point is there is a larger movement taking place that everyone on here is a part of. That is why I am so passionate about dedication and commitment. This is something that is going to have huge ramifications. It is all part of a larger battle that is being waged.

It is also something we are a part of. The actions of everyone on here is a piece in a larger puzzle. The ultimate goal is fully decentrlaized, consensus organizations. That is what we seek. However, this goes completely against what is in place now.

My posts about the Age of Abundance touch uponthis. We need to prepare ourselves for the paradigm shift from scarcity to abundance. This all starts with the state of mind we are in. Too many approach STEEM with the scarcity mindset that we are all indoctrinated into. Of course, this is only natural since there is no other way to be after decades of abuse at the hands of the elite. And we all suffer from this.



However, if we want more, we need to change. This is going to require some leadership. Individuals are going to have to step up. Where are those individuals? Many of them are right here. The masses are still unaware of all that I am describing. They have not even encountered cryptoeconomics, let alone the underlying struggle that is taking place. Yet, the same is not true for those on STEEM. We are getting more insight each day into what is taking place.

The fortunate aspect of all this is that the masses are not required for revolutionary change. In fact, rarely is success achieved by initial mass adoption. It is usually the few who lead the charge into the new model. That is what I see taking place.

I believe the efforts of Steemians is going to help free humanity. We are a piece to the puzzle. There are already people in third world countries who lives are improved because of the income they make off STEEM. This is only going to grow as more options are presented on this blockchain. Over time, we are going to see word spread among individuals who realize the value of what we are doing here.

And by that time, with convergence of a number of other things taking place, we might just see the masses waking up and asking "what happened?".

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I witnessed some anti-STEEM negativity over the last few days, but for the most part what I saw were people equally passionate about this place and wanting to see it succeed. But we may disagree about what is needed so that it does succeed and what the existential threats to it are.

It's important for people to voice those concerns, and indeed the 10x change made recently was a direct result of that public outcry. People may express themselves in a way you wouldn't but I think at heart most of the people who bothered to use their precious RCs to say anything about it were doing so because they share your affection and hope for this place.

For me, I'm now focused on the SMTs, just like I think STINC is. If that's where the company is orienting all its decisions, that's where I also want to align my interests. I have a revised game plan now, and all this chaos actually helped me see more clearly so that I could make those needed adjustments to my thinking.

I think it's been mostly a constructive process. But we'll see!

This post is vey inspirational and we moving in 2019 toward that goal. I am very optimism about the revolution of cryptoecomic!

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Steemit is a project of the future that inspires people to change the future and move from jail to freedom.

Great to see that the recent events have not taken you away from the "Age of Abundance" theme that has inspired me for months now since I started following you. It is amazing how short sided most of us could be but that is changing quickly as less are coming to the ecosystem with the "get rich quick" mentality given the recent fall in crypto prices. This, like the events of the past week, will be a blessing in disguise as the people who come here will likely remain as they understand the value of their actions. More communities and projects will be created to support the influx of new accounts soon to come.

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Walking the esoteric line, it was focused upon 3D consciousness.

Could you expand on this a bit? 3D vs. 4D vs. 5D?


3D is the physical plane and looking at this reality through the 5 senses. It is a slow, heavy stage where we exist at a lower vibration level.

4D reality is the understanding that there is more than just the physical senses. It is the realization that there are some people who are in touch with higher realms, who operate on a synchronistiic basis. It is often filled with anger since one is gaining insight of the world's (elite maybe) lies.

5D is a crystalized state where we operate at a much higher vibration. The ego is transcended and we are in touch with consciousness. We see the benefit of all events and situations. This is the stage where people tend to be coming from a state of pure love.

To apply to the eastern traditions, it is move up the chakra scale with the 3d being the lower ones and rising to higher levels of consciousness.

These concepts can be applied to one's own personal growth/development/advancement in addition to the energy and vibrations we are experiencing as our solar system moves through the galaxy (the procession).

How do you define 3D and 5D consciousness ?

What a marvelous piece of text you wrote down here, enbodying a powerful truth and massive prospect for all of us. I feel inspired and humbled to be one of the Steem pioneers. You know I feel exactly like you in that regard. Steem on and change the world!