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How can I be so optimistic in the face of a major FUD campaign, impending government regulation, and a host of other things that people point to as the reason why Steem and the entire crypto world will fail?

The answer is simple: the Internet is changing and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

To quickly recap, we saw the original web which is now called Web 1.0. It was a static communications platform with text as the means of interaction.

Web 2.0 is also known as the advent of social media. This enabled the use of audio and video along with other means of interaction. The upvoting mechanism along with other features enabled two-way communication.

Just like the shift from Web 1.0 to 2.0 could not be stopped, neither can the next transition. The difference this time is that it is not an online, flat world that is seeing the change.



Web 3.0 is going to blend the physical and digital worlds. They are no longer going to be separate like they are now. There was a time when we had to log on to the Internet. In the last decade, primarily due to the emergence of the smartphone, we are connected all the time. This is only going to accelerate as more devices come out designed to integrate the two realms.

We are going to see a Spatial Internet through the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality devices. The two are going to combine together to provide us with real time data in the physical realm. We also are going to see a virtual realm established which is going to offer more opportunities of value than the physical world does.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are not going to disappear. In fact, they are going to experience massive growth over the next half decade. This is all part of a larger technological shift which will remake society. It will first start with the online world and them move further outwards as more people embrace what is created.

People are sometimes baffled when I tell them the most common thing I see disappearing over the next decade is screens. We are not going to view "into" the Internet via a flat surface. Instead, it will be everywhere. Online and offline will merge.

Blockchain is going to be a big part of this transformation because it provides a layer of transparency not present with the existing centralized structures. At the same time, we are going to see people losing more faith in the establishment meaning another alternative will be sought. I believe that "other" will be decentralization.

The other aspect to this is control of one's data. This is a topic that will only increase in debate in coming years. People will wake up to the fact that not only is their data not secure, others are being paid for it. Again, the early adopters will lead the way here. Imagine telling your relatives that you get paid for your data which they give away for free. Do you think they would ask how you do it?



Viewed in this light, when it is mentioned that Steem will "tokenize the Internet", it carries a different meaning. The Internet is expanding from something we look into. In a few short years, it will be something we are a part of. The Internet will not be 2D but, rather, a full 3D immersion of our world.

If you want to learn a bit more about this, look up Spatial Computing, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Edge Computing, Holograms, and Internet Of Things. All this will provide you with a rough foundation of what technologies are converging together.

This is what I feel each of us is a part of. That is the big secret. I can tell you those buffoons at the SEC or in Congress have no idea this is taking place. They look at cryptocurrency like it is an asset similar to what they dealt with before. They fail to realize that there is a much bigger system being erected and it is not just one technology doing it.

With technology, it is imperative to train oneself to keep stepping back to grasp the entire picture. It is easy to get lost in the minute when the grand is taking place. Steem has a ton going for it and is involved in a much larger shift. When one understands this, some of the issues that seem crucial tend to be minimized.

Each day, these views keep getting reaffirmed in my daily reading as I surf the world of tech.

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Well stated!

Those who see it are still here. Another great article @taskmaster4450

Hey , sorry if it's a bit unrelated but I see you powering up 100% of your posts. Is this the best way to maximize your SP earnings at current prices of SBD and STEEM? I mean, better than 50/50 and after that selling SBD for STEEM and than power up?

Thanks in advance.


The rule of thumb is that if the price of SBD’s is more than a dollar (like earlier this year), 50/50 nets the best return. When SBD’s are priced at under $1 (approximately $0.96 right now for instance), 100% power up nets the best return. When SBD is priced on par with the USD, it’s a wash.

Of course, even when SBD’s are below a buck, doing some of your posts at 50/50 can make sense if you want to earn some liquid rewards for donations, buying @steembasicincome shares, buying @steemmonster packs, etc.

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They look at cryptocurrency like it is an asset similar to what they dealt with before.

For now it is. Real change will come once more avenues are created allowing items to be bought and sold using crypto. As long as it is tied to buying in and cashing out using their fake money (fiat debt notes) they will always be able to control things as we see happening currently.

I also caution everyone from the idea that the money masters are ignorant regarding what is possible here. They are and have been jockeying towards setting up controls for themselves via patents and legislation for regulations they are crafting. They did not become the money masters by being ignorant, and the ignorance the politicians exhibit is an act a lot of times to pretend their evil policies serving the money masters is the blunders of fools rather than intentful acts at the common persons expense.

I appreciate your posts which is why I follow you. You have a more optimistic view of things than I and it is good for me to temper some of my pessimism with your views.

Agree with your thesis, a real near-term technological advancement is 5G. A lot of people are underestimating how monumental 5G will be. We always take about IOT but if we are realistic this can only happen once the network infrastructure is built. 5G makes that a lot easier and as a consequence other technologies can be accelerated.