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I have touched upon one of the newer applications called @dlike.

For those who are unfamiliar with this application, it is a very interesting one. Like most of the apps I post about, this one has a development that is continually upgrading and improving their system. To me, this is the most important thing a team can do for an application. Users are willing to do without features and have some bugs when something is new. However, let that persist and they lose interest quickly.

Also, when we are dealing with Version 1.0, it is okay to have these issues. When we start to see the world of STEEM expand, we are going to need applications that not only capture the attention of users, but retain it. We are, after all, in the attention economy.

So why do I like @dlike? To be frank, a lot of it comes from its potential.

@dlike is similar to Pinterest. For those who are not aware of that application, it is basically a pinboard. People have the ability to virtually "pin" photos, articles, and other material that they find interesting. @dlike is mirroring this.


Just today, the recent growth of Pinterest was highlighted. There are now over 250M monthly users on that site. Combined, they "pinned" 175B items. Can you imagine 175B items posted on the STEEM blockchain? That is the market @dlike is going after.

A recent funding round placed the value of this application at $12.3B. How nice would it be to tap into even 10% of that?


Pinterest also is excelling at visual search. Since items are tagged, when doing a search for particular topics, one of the common answers is a Pinterest post. With a database of billions to pull from, this makes it a very valuable data center.

Of course, the drawback to all this is that $12.3B is not given to the ones using the platform. Here we have another example of where one is not paid for enriching others.

That is no longer the case with @dlike. As with any application on the STEEM blockchain, tokens are given for content that is upvoted by the userbase. With @dlike, one earns both the dlike token and STEEM.

Here is what the home page looks like. Notice it is similar to Pinterest.


Here is one what the page of the posters look like. I used @techwizardry as an example.


Clicking on one of the posts brings up this.


Notice the blue box I put on the right that highlights the subscribe section. Users have the ability to subscribe to the topics he or she likes.

This could really be a very valuable resource on the STEEM blockchain. Pinterest is a site that became a valuable resource. Just do a search for "Ben Franklin quotes pinterest" and look at all that was posted relating to that. It is amazing what posters have put up over the years.

We could see the same thing happen with @dlike. As people post and tag things they like, we will see the database expand. This could really provide enormous value as the site gets into visual search. As more of our connecting is via mobile devices, visual results are going to take on even more importance.

I wrote yesterday about starting another Minnow Uprising. This is a wonderful application for participants to utilize. As mentioned one can either post a link or upload something of your choosing.


Over time, I expect to see a lot more features added to this site. Like many applications, this is going to have a token using the Smart Media Token protocol which will tie it to STEEM. There is already a wallet system in place that tracks the tokens already issued. Since they have not been released, one can only accumulate them at this time but that will change.

I suggest everyone give this application a look. It is one that can attract the younger generation so getting a few tokens might be worthwhile. They have a distribution plan in place and wrote it up in a post on their blog (@dlike). They are going to do an airdrop to Steemians which is always a wonderful thing.

As we expand outside the STEEM ecosystem, this could be one of the applications that draws a lot of interest from the masses. It is simple, quick, and easy to use. Unlike Steemit, this application has a learning curve of about 5 minutes.

That is a big advantage.

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I heard about dlike but I've never actually used it. I think they have some kind of bounty program going on, where you can get an airdrop.... if I understand correctly.

I'm definitely going to check it out. I appreciate the fact that you update us on various different applications on the steem blockchain.

Edit: It's not based on your SP. It's based on your activity on D like.

Just did one after reading this. It is easy. Made a quote.

Dlike is a very easy to use App what I find very important. I was trying to find the airdrop for steempower holders but couldn't found it. Where is it?

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Thanks @taskmaster4450 for exploring the potential of dlike! We are trying our best to have more features to make this platform the best app on steem blockchain.

Dlike android app will be available in next 2 weeks which will give more ease of use for this wonderful app :)


That is awesome. Having mobile apps is so important going forward. With many Steemians joining from countries just getting online, it is crucial to have the apps for phones.

That should really open up a larger market to @dlike as opposed to only having desktop access.

Hmmm.. looks cool! I've never actually used Pinterest but obviously I know what it is. I'll definitely check out @dlike !

Just started following dlike. Not sure if it is a shift in steem's future, but it is certainly a step in the right direction!

From the very beginning, I’ve always said that creating Steem Backed versions of current social media platforms is how we’re going to go to the next level and it’s great to see our suite of platforms continuing to grow.

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Thanks for the recommendation @taskmaster4450. I'll definitely take a look.

Trying to think how a Pinterest type site would function on the Steem blockchain; generally Pinterest doesn't create original content, it aggregates existing content, but it also seems their have their own SMT... I guess I'm just going have to study this more!


Welcome to Steemit!

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