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We have a lot to be grateful for. Everyone who is on the STEEM blockchain, in my opinion, is going to do very well because of his or her efforts on here. We are embarking upon a technological revolution that is going to sweep the world. Most are not aware of it and will be taken by surprise. They will wake up one day to notice the change.

What is that revolution you ask? It is the tokenization of the world and the decentralization of everything.

While we are not the to point where everything can or should be decentralized, it is the direction we are heading. This revolution is going to be evolutionary in nature. There are technical issues at present which prohibit the decentralization of everything. This will not always be the case. Give enough geeks enough time, and they will figure a solution to the problem.

We are also at a point where certain data does not belong on a decentralized database. Because of lack of privacy, we still see a bit more safety in centralization. Of course, that is only true until a hack takes place. Nevertheless, I do not believe we are very far from having data placed on the blockchain secured and within control of the individual. Give it another couple years and this could be a reality.

Which brings me to the point where we see people still operating like it is just another day. Everything who is part of this blockchain (or any other for that matter) are part of a global movement that is going to have profound effects upon humanity. For too long, we lived under the scarcity model that enables the elite to not only control us, but also to profit handsomely. This is something else that we are going to see shifting in only a few short years.


Crypto-economics is a blessing to humanity. It is natural. It is a 5D system. No longer are we bound by the laws of traditional economics which created winners and losers. For this reason, we need to embrace a different mindset.

The elite love labels. When they can get people to embrace a label, it serves to divide. If I am part of one label, that means someone with a different one that opposes my label is an enemy. Classic divide and conquer.

Crypto-economics requires no labels. It is about individuals expressing themselves as individuals AND being rewarded for that. For this reason, we need to embrace all by laying the foundation of inclusion. The elites want divide and conquer, why do we do it to ourselves?

The answer is our egos. We have a conditioned need to be right. This is a part of our world where differences of opinions need to be silenced. What is ironic is we are the ones paving the way for those censored to have a voice. Yet, sadly, many still want to quiet others.

There is a powerful foe out there. This year witnessed the power of the mainstream. They are in full attack mode. Fortunately, since we were handed a powerful weapon, we do not need to attack. We do, however, need to be consistent and loving. This is what will collapse that which the elites hold so dear. Their actions only serve to further destroy it.

This is why we need to be prepared. The way we behave on here is an example of how far we progressed. Are you able to handle anarchy or do you look to Big Brother the second something does not go your way? This is how we are conditioned. The truth is we do not need them, at least to the degree they make us think we do. Nevertheless, old habits die hard.

It is time to look within ourselves. Why is there so much fighting going on? Why do we have the need to lash out against those who enslave us yet operate in the similar manner? Does this really make sense?

When we open ourselves up to the fullness of our being, we realize that the petty stuff we fret about is nonsense. There is a lot of opportunity here. STEEM is the blockchain of opportunity. Unfortunately, many either leave or are run off by the actions of others. This is very disheartening. Being right ends up costing in the end.


The truth is we are all in this together. We can use STEEM as a microcosm for the world. No matter how we want to divide things up, there are certain things that will affect us all. On here, the value of the ecosystem is dependent upon all of us. Destroying one application, as an example, does not benefit the ecosystem. In fact, it harms it. Hence, winning is actually losing when you think about it.

It is only through collaboration and embracing all that STEEM will reach the maximum potential that it has. Of course, this is also true of humanity. If we persist on destroying each other in an effort to be right, we will slay the proverbial goose. We also will end up eliminating humanity from the planet.

As I wrote for months, it is easy to view STEEM as a social media platform where one comes to simply post stuff. However, since we are the trailblazers with this, it is so much more. The control mechanism that is running the show is threatened. For the first time in, perhaps, forever, humanity has a chance to wrestle control for those individuals and groups. That is not sitting too well with them.

To really take advantage of this opportunity, we need to make sure we are not replicating their behavior. If we do that, we will only be destroying ourselves.

And that is what they want.

So let us all stop the b.s. and come together as one. We can have our differences without having to resort to the division we see throughout society. It is time to take a stand.

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I am fairly new to Steemit, but not to life. So it just makes sense to treat everyone fairly. However, our emotions get the best of us sometime.

I will follow your lead and continue to do what it is we do. In my case learn more.

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with awareness science and human powerful relationship

I absolutely agree with you @taskmaster4450, we must stand against the elite by growing steemit together.

Several new innovations are coming out that would give Users on the blockchain great privacy over their information. In a few years from now, blockchain technology will take over the economy of the world and the early adopters will benefit more. So glad to have come across steemit even though the journey has not be an easy one.

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What would be the effort to which you refer? ... Quality is not ... effort?which?

We all are here in the same era as Genesis and are a pioneer. There is no doubt that our place here steem will be an axis of a new society, though change may lead to it.

My question is. How do we stop the bad actors stepping across into this brave new world and who defines the rules of interdependancy and cohabitation here? I sadly see very little on this blockchain that signals anything different to the current 'real life' status quo.
Thanks in advance

yes age of abundance will be great

pity with total US debt over $200 Trillion will be at least 100 years before its possible