Dramatic situation! Eight people sleep in a small room

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Dramatic situation in Bucovăţ, near Făget! Eight people sleep in a small room !

I was yesterday at their visit I took them with junk gifts and many toys to the kids to enjoy because they did not know the gifts so far. I started crying with the elderly and left some money to have the family unhealthy for food.
From this moment on, every week I will go to visit them and keep you posted to this poor family who has a very sad story behind her.
Read the story of the family below :

Dramatic social situation in Bucovăţ, in a family comprising 10 souls. Six are children aged between eight months and 13 years.

Two of the members are parents, and the other two are grandparents. They all live in a two-storey hut.

Eight people, children and parents sleep in one room, and grandparents in the other because the 65-year-old is paralyzed in bed. Mom, Loredana Paveloni, is very sick. In addition to numerous surgeries, the woman also suffers from locomotor disability and speech problems.


The children never received gifts

Like any kid, the little ones dream of Santa Claus, but unfortunately he never went to their home. They do not want much. "I'd like Santa Claus to bring me tangerines and puddles. I have never received gifts, "says Maria, who is 11 years old and is in fourth grade at the local school.

Children do not even think about toys, Maria responding that she would like a princess, just after we asked her if she wanted other gifts, reminding her that there were dolls. Mom confirms her claims and says the little ones have never received gifts. They have no way.

They need a house

The poverty in which the ten members live does not go unnoticed by the local community, trying to help them as they can. The priest in the village has been involved and gathering donations to build a decent house for the people. The foundation has already been poured.

The house will have four rooms, a hallway and bathroom with sanitary facilities, and the costs are high, so the money gathered so far only reaches a part of the works.

Serious funds are needed to finish the building and endow it with all that is needed, because it is to be completed by the fall of 2019 at the latest, so that the Paveloni family will not be forced to bear another winter in the old house of two-room whims.

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This article and picture (if you google reverse search) is older than a year. Are there any recent pictures of this family?