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Time To Make STEEM A Huge Success By Dropping The Focus On "Quality"

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Hi bro, I left you this comment below days ago. You may have missed. kindly read through. it will give you additional insight into this very post of yours

Once in the past, but long after you wrote the article. I saw you wrote about #ulog. I am so so so grateful.

I am weak and sick and very mute and my suffering is among the intensest in the world and this has been for decades. I am with my dad each 24/7 taking care of my dad who has all sorts of ailment. He carried a similar dream. Everyday i hear his wailing and i am told that if i don't stop, i will be like him. My mum died. She knew of me in relation to world-adjustment and all and i watched her die. She gave me looks. She didn't tell me to stop. She never did. She knows i won't stop. I am doing one last push for this year. Perhaps, after that i will have my first sleep. I have slept in years. My dad doesn't either. This is all unknown or un-understood, even when explained, so i play things out, my entire breakdown but by means of beautiful disruptions. Ulog is one. It so looks very simple and all but the reason for this comment is, i know i will return here one day, to talk to you about what ulog really is as the simplest of movements, that adjusted the world.
I wrote a very short post. I will let you look at it.

You will understand. I am working for alpha to be announced soon. For alpha, it will be filled with words, moreso than designs but these words will give large insight into the vimission and gradually instill a culture, an entire curriculum, then a movement. The teardrops smt is a breakthrough token, an emblem of human, that will reward proof of tears.
Now ulogging looks like a simple fun art but the art of ulogging "mines the human". Ulogs aren't just a type of content involving U (YOU) and your freshness per day. It is a means to reshape the entire internet by gifting to it, at least once a day i.e not resourcing from it, while ulogging. This way, we serve the search engines with ulogacies etc, take light by means of our own shine into every space and into every tunnel, so much so that "not any longer do masses in tunnels" need to wait till "the end of tunnel etc".
By ulogging per day, even by means of your #ulog-memes or #ulog-quotes etc you create content that the world hasn't seen because it is born out of your creation per day i.e the text and graphics that constitute the ulog-memes but by doing this, you manage to mine the human, evolve and tap into lost or redundant shine, attaining "true celebrityhood". Now couple that with "true fans" which incentivizes your way, you will be signing autographs soon etc.
Alot is happening and will happen on there but it is unspoken of just yet. Basically, we will refresh every steem tag and world tag and create new trends. Simple add ulog to any existing enterprise or concept and it is suddenly refreshed. This birth ulog-subtags and births fresh communities and this is happening. It gladdens me that this is happening so organically, without much awareness etc comment network that i have seen building up, the fun it brings and it being as difficult as 1, 2, 3.
I say steem success isn't measure by bulls or bears in an older post. The short post here containing recent stats shows that and my entire tired being is glad about this. is build around certified uloggers. The site will carry their names celebrating it in every space regardless of sp levels etc. If they organically start their ulog-subtag and they are verified, we will adopt it on the site manually and try to support them to growing the new found community and their own dreams and passion as well.
True adjusting the world especially even now in the presence of blockchain is not in algorithms to distribute rewards. The world has been built upon this and blockchain in its beauty is to beautifully disrupt this moreso than replay it. This is where ulog comes in. A very simple concept but imagine ulog, just like blog, vlog etc adopted too by every site, the wikis, the dictionaries etc.
I didnt plan to write this much, so i will stop here but i am sure soon, when i can think well and have some energy, you will have you hashtag area on
The plan is however small my power is, to give certified uloggers who oversea the different ulog-subtags extra power to become "true fans" of users of these spaces and organically grow it. It isn't all set as this happens manually currently but #ulog-quotes and #ulography has got some adoption etc
Alot of beautiful things will happen. A feeling of ownership will help alot even in place where sp is limited. Knowing you give out some cents etc to "true fans" of your dream, ulog-subtag and its community is something.
Then we have uloggerstv to create activities and new trends that will enter into every space in the real world.
The token teardrops is going to reward this. Basically it is a token that we want to be loved for the stories, histories, ulogacies it represents and especially as an emblem of human. To succeed bulls or bears because humans are involved.
How do we measure "proof of tears" then. According to me and in a video response once in the past to @stellabelle i said world adjustment is simple and according to me, lies in "mining the human into its awesomest version" to levels where "humanity is the brother next to you. We lose human and begin into outerspace. blockchain when you look at it closely is very much a tool to bring us back down to earth but if this isn't noticed, we will simply build techs that exist but this time on a blockchain model and simply replay what exists and go even further back into outerspace. Anyway that aside.
Now on the route to mining the human into its awesomenst version is where there will be many tears, sad, happy, unfell etc. We want to reward each of this tears.
To accomplish proof of tears thus, we apply the use of an entire curriculum but play this out with steem interfaces modelled to mine the human. This where these interfaces coming in.
I am so so so weak and pushing but i have in mind and plans for 3 interfaces before smt at least in alpha stage. I am very much a lone soldier for now, till the model is set. is 4 interfaces in one. Basically it is ulog but with three other paradigms. #untalented #teardrops #surpassinggoogle. This is obvious in many of the things we will do. e.g a greylist instead of black and white and an un_dis_talented oracle if we make use of one. etc
you will notice the editors playing out teardrops and untalented also on & and the hashtags spaces and where the header text tells of what the vimission is about.
I always want to keep interfaces free especially because of the audiences involved. But will have a small beneficiary cut likely 0.5 percent or 0.2 with steemit inc as beneficiary, not only to stir community, remind peopple of steem's beauty and success but also to teach life etc and especially express that giveback can also be done to people with millions as we measure "human" in our paradigm. For instance, would you know that i starve each day, i cant wear a shirt and my dad wears rags. his meds alone each day is 50 usd. I am extremely ill to work etc and don't sleep, i dont eat and with a nervous problem from ages of brainstorming etc plus, i almost never ask. hahaha, an entire tired being can't ask, he just waits and drowns etc. so has paradigms to instill many things and mines the human. using the fun activity of ulogging
Second interface is which is hold for now. This is modelled to mine the human as well and create dreambuilders as opposed to just freelancers or talents. There will also be room for the un_dis_talented etc. free gigs as dreambuilders want to be part of historical history in brother's dream and can apply their talent to use on behalf of a brother een in the jungle etc. There will also be a knowledge bank that incentivizes specialized knowledge contributions based solely on eperience. See
We want even the non-experts to learn and get expertise directly from the knowledgebank created by other dream builders. this knowledge-bank will create specialized knowledge but with a "school of life" paradigm e.g today i studied module 20 of photoshop but there came a power cut. how i reacted. did i break the pc, did i create a new kind of pc, did i get a candle and continued reading from a book etc
All along unlike just a frelanceing marketplace, we want to serve the search engines etc "surpassinggoogle"
The tihrid interface of the model is called macrohard. adding swag to the world of coding to where everyone can code.
to create a more universal language especially using blockchain in the full expnace of its beauty etc to bring everyone into being able to code. Is this possible, so yes and with case study in the development of After alot of disaponment, i applied more use for good and thought of how to bring everyone into coding and remove barriers of "levels of experritise, programinng language and all and it was possible. every time i talk to devs. many times the solution is in the logic. they spend days stuck in code and simpe conversation and we solve it with simple replication logic. and yes much of the delays came from lack of communication.
Beyond that though, the world itself complicates things. keeping intel in the hands of leaders etc but bloackchain is cctv into the world. it bares things with an open ledger and basically, the solution for codes is microprogramming tasks in place of programming tasks and suddenly everyone can code
Now this where swag comes in. Adding somoe school of life into coding as well. so that coders become more of brothers as well and the whoe codestory changes and we enter levels of historical history.
Basiclally, with macrohard we are adding "mining the human" into the coding ecosystem
Overall, enroute all this there will be tears, happy, sad or unfell and the teardrops smt, together we will celebrate these tears.
Teardrops is will have an untalentedly written colorlesspaper, not black or white. Every kid must understand it. We hope this is one token that will bring about mainstreamity for crypto globally. in place of cryptokitties, superman and all, we will celebrate "human' with the token.
These are the things i see.
I wrote this hurried and tiredly, kindly sift my nonsense to find some sense therein.
If you know of a coder who can help me as well, i would so love it. He can contribute using utopian as these days, i have been doing task requests and utopian has been helping me reward contributors.
I have two open task requests currently.

your boy terry

See also etc

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this is a very interesting article and see positive and negatives from both sides on one hand do you want a youtube with possibly more money and lots of content bad and good or on the other hand do you want almost like a media or wiki page with excellent reliable content worthy of purchasing. =]


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thanks a lot for another upvote! =]

The success of your projects tells us clearly that this is the way.
We are human and as such the focus in this blockchain must also be directed to the human aspect, then it embraces us all, without exclusion and as you say: "everyone has something to offer".

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Vaya que artículo en un comentario, me gusta el concepto de #ulog es atractivo pero siento que algo está faltando y no se que es. Por su parte Steem el declive violento de Steem este año ha demostrado que tiene la vigencia del pionero que cada vez verá nuevos contendientes con el concepto de popularización masiva, veremos en que termina la novela, por mi parte, amo la calidad -No voy a negarlo- pero anhelo también ser rentable, saber que las 10-15 horas diarias que pasó en la pc están iendo a alguna parte. Saludos.

I like Busy and Ulogs for the sidebar links to Facebook, Twitter. For replying to comments, I use Steemit. I love the competition.