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In East Asia, it’s the start of spring and everybody is going crazy for the sight of Sakura roses otherwise known as Cherry Blossom flowers blooming. Some may plan holidays to Japan to see them, others may visit Chinese university campuses and grab a few photos and Kirin may release a special seasonal edition label for its beer bottles.

Lays however went one step further and released a very seasonal flavour of potato chips (which I would call ‘crisps’ back at home). Cherry blossom flavoured potato chips. Yes, that is potato chips seasoned with the flavour of flowers.

How they did taste? Acceptable, actually. Think of something like a really delicate wine based vinegar and you may have a rough idea of the flavour.

I can’t say that they are my favourite flavour of crisps, but needless to say, they didn’t make me want to vomit either. Whether these should have been invented in the first place or not, is a different question altogether.

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I love when you purchase a bag of crisps in Asia it is a gamble. Will the you pop the bag open and receive a whiff of fishiness or be greeted with something indescribable.