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✔️ Everyone's Favourite@spydo
✔️ Total Delegators109
✔️ %age Earning Paid to delegators100%
✔️ %age Curation Paid to delegators100%
✔️ Today's Payout/1000 SP0.449 STEEM
✔️ Today's %age APR16.41%
✔️ Total SP Delegated151 340 SP
✔️ My Reputation58
✔️ Current Steem-SBD Price0.18
✔️ Spydo Upvote Value1.90 SBD
✔️ Max Bid Amount6.00 Steem
✔️ Min. Bid Amount0.18 SBD/Steem
✔️ Current ROI10-20 %
✔️ Max Post Age2 Days

👉 PROOF for Delegation Return👈


isteen new.png

I recommend to calculate Yourself for Verification

👉 How to Delegate Spydo👈

You can use SteemBotTracker Delegation Tool to Delegate SP in a few click, simply by following given Guide:


  • Type Your Steemit User Id and hit ENTER to land on given Screen


  • Simply Fill the amount you want to delegate and click DELEGATE button.

  • Complete Delegation by authorizing through SteemConnect.com

👉Delegate directly using SteemConnect👈

50 SP100 SP250 SP
500 SP750 SP1000 SP
2500 SP5000 SP7500 SP
10000 SP25000 SP50000 SP

👉To Update Dalegation👈

update dele.png

👉 A Thankyou Note: 👈

♨️For Bidders: Me and my Guardians value your Money and thus the worst ROI you can get from me is 10% ROI (not too bad as you are most likely to get more than this). Unlike most of the other Bots, I compromise all my share of curation just to make sure that you (my dear bidders) get most out of your bids 🙏.

♨️For Delegators: Its the bidders who keep my wheels rolling and make me capable to pay you guys back, however without you ( my Dear Delegators) and your love and support I am unable serve them well and, for this very Importance of yours, I am not only offering you a 100% reward payout but also 100% curation payout. I guess this gives you a 100% ownership of the mine and also makes you a Master Earner. Any new delegation takes around 14 days to reflect its effect in curation Payout (more in tips Section)🙏.

👉 Useful Tips: 👈

🔹 If @spydo is not visible on steembottracker.com, set the Vote Value slider to Zero and voila! I am now visible there 😶.
🔹 I recommend buying upvotes sooner because as I understand the main objective behind vote buying should be to gain more visibility.
🔹 While making Delegation update, add the amount you want to increase in the existing delegation (for instance: existing delegation (4000) + delegation you want to add (2000) = New Delegation value (6000) so you need to delegate 6000 SP to update your delegation by an amount of 2000) 📥
🔹Keep at least 50 SP in your wallet undelegated for the smooth operation of your account and to not run out of bandwidth 💻.
🔹 For small amount keepers, try to start your delegation with at least 50 SP so as to get a visible and comparable return 💵.
🔹 Any new delegation takes around 14 days to reflect its effect in curation Payout which includes one week time for upvotes curation payout made at the increased Voting value and one week for withdrawal of curation.
🔹 %age APR = (Today's Return per 100 SP) x 365 [Don't believe me? Verify Yourself 😜]
🔹 If I happen to miss your Upvote please let me know through your comments, I will gladly resolve your issue.
🔹 You can support me by adding me (@spydo) in your fanbase on Steemauto.com or by Upvoting and Re-steeming.

😍 Sharing is Caring 😍
Stay Blissful, Make World a better Place