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RE: SteemPower should be the one and only way to hide posts you disagree with. And nobody should be able to fully delete anything at all.

in #busy5 years ago (edited)

Is this possible? I am a developer. As far as I know, no one can delete a post that has been voted or commented. And it always is depended on the site that you are using but it can also be such a case that if you use a site that holds your data steem password etc They can use it to delete your post. But as I said, always like your posts. This should stop this deletion by nonsense. In addition, you can change the site for any other what is connected to the steem platform. Please, correct me if I am wrong. because I can really be wrong.....


I don't think its possible. I don't even want people trying to figure it out lol
Please god don't make this place like reddit.

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