After Dreads

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aaaaaand a mere 5.5 hours longer than I thought it would take - and a few Chucky doll-esque phases - here are the results of cutting then combing out 2 pounds of 4 year old dreadlocks!


Feels so light and new!

Thank all the gods for change and transformation!

✨💛✨ Sara!

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Adorable you everyway @saramiller! <3

Thank you @everlove 💛

I like it, and it’s also far more convenient especially in the heat of summer.

Thank you! Yes it is so easy and fun and fresh and I like it too :)

You look beautiful with and without dreads! Your sleep tonight will feel soooo different.

Thank you @mumma-monza! It did indeed feel quite different to lay on soft fluffy hair rather than long, thick, heavy dreads for the first time in years 😂

Looks great !

Thank you :)

Wow transformation looks good bet it still feels very strange for you. Hopefully feels like a positive move towards another goal 💯🐒

Thanks, it feels great! I love a fresh start :)

Enjoy! 💯🐒

Loved the dreads, love your hair now aswell! How does your head feel? :D

Hi there @sjennon!!! My scalp can breathe again!!! It is just so LIGHT and I love it!


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Thank you 😊