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Ok, I posted this on facebook and got a lot of feedback. I personally love this idea of UBI and I think it will help when most jobs get replaced by artificial intelligence.

in case you don't know what UBI is, UBI means universal basic inceom: it's a way where citizens will get compensated by a system or government because their jobs have been taken by robots or AI.

Although I think this could bring laziness to some folks, but i also think it will many people, most especially in developing countries.

what do you guys think about UBI ? i will like to hear your thoughts.

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This is just a genius idea. I subscribe to the idea because truly, there are too many poor people in the world today. Also, there are so many people around the world pregnant with lots of ideas but cant actualize these ideas because of funding. What makes this interesting to me is the fact that this has a potential of helping lots of people around the world to create new businesses and actualize some set goals and dreams. Make no mistake about, this is not going to eradicate poverty globally, its only going to act as a financial support to people and probably as a jump-starter for new businesses


excellent idea

It is a good idea. This should reduce criminal activities we have around because the criminals will be busy with better things and hold honest jobs. More so, people can hold two or more jobs rather than sit at home because they have robot working for them. Lastly with it, people's standard of living will be better improved with extra income rather than depending on one source of income that is never enough.