Many do not know what is the 'black box' of the aircraft? There's a 'black box' ...

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50 bombs have died when the plane of the US Airbus Airliner landed at Kathmandu in Trivuwan Airport.

Nepalese authorities say that Flight 211 is said to be landing from the south side of the runway, but the pilot descends from the north.

However, the US-Bangla Airlines denied Nepalese authorities's claim that the pilot had received a wrong direction from the control tower.

Biman's 'Black Box' has been recovered - it is a machine that records all the cockpits and technical details of the aircraft.

The concerned people say, 'The reason behind the accident can be known by checking the black box.

What is a black box?

First of all, it's called the Black Box, but its real name is the Flight Recorder. Which records the latest flight information.

Aviation or air security analysts do not call it the Black Box, they say Flight Recorder. The name is black box, but it is not black matter. Rather, its color is a lot of orange type.

It is a box made of very strong materials, which prevents water, fire, pressure or any temperature.

It's actually a voice recorder combining two parts. It saves all kinds of information during the flight.

Two types of information are stored in it. One is the flight data recorder or FDR, which records the movement of aircraft, fluctuation, air temperature, environment, pressure or changes in heat, time, sound, etc. among other things.

Another part of the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) in the cockpit is the conversation between the piles themselves, the other crew of the aircraft with the pilots, the radio contact with the cockpit, the air control traffic, or the airports in different airports.

As a result, when an aircraft was caught in an accident, the main target of the rescuer was to find out the black box. Because it is possible to find out the cause of the accident easily if found.

It is easy to find the box because it has a bright orange box. The black box can remain intact for 30 days under the sea.

The discovery of the black box

In the Second World War, the initiative to make such machines was first taken. However, the work of the real black box began in the early 1950's.

Chemist David Warren discovered it in the Australian Government's Aeronautical Research Laboratory. It was used on 23rd March, 1962 in an experimental first on an Australian plane.

How does the black box survive after the accident?

It is made with very strong metallic materials. With some layers, it is made in such a way that it can survive in severe heat, vortex, water or even under heavy pressure.

The box cover is made of stainless steel or titanium shells. Black boxes were added to the aircraft only after surviving many tests.

How does the black box get information?

In modern black boxes, the flight data of the aircraft can hold up to 25 hours. There are several memory chips arranged alongside it. In order to provide information, there are many sensors on the aircraft.

These sensors are constantly sending the flight data acquisition unit in front of the aircraft in front of the aircraft's speed, temperature, time, external pressure, height etc. From there, the information goes to the black box recorder.

A lot of microphones are placed around the pilot, co pilot, and the crew. All their conversations, movements, or switches, etc. are all recorded in these microphones. They send them to a device named Assocated Control Unit. Then the information is stored in the black box.

But how many information in the black box?

Actually, the Black Box preserves information for a specific time. Basically the information is stored at the end. The information was deleted after a specific time and new information was submitted. As a result, the latest information is available in the accident.

How information is retrieved?IMG_20180313_122305.png

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