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Over at the Slothicorn discord, we were talking about gaming and how to get our artists involved with games. I was about to go to my biweekly DND session and I thought our community should make similar RPGs where the human imagination was the game board. Some didn't know what it would look like, so I put together this playable demo. The party has received invites, but others are free to help them out if they get lost.


Your parents have dropped you off at your favorite hangout spot: Slothy's Arcade.

You have been given 10 tokens.

Normally there are cars in every parking spot as those who have just received their license liked to hang out here and make out in the parking lot.

Others go in to try to get the top score on the machines, but in the last year, a large mall was built near the highway exit and most of the video gamers now go to the mall. The arcade has recently shut down, but @stellabelle found a way to pick the lock of one of the doors.

The power has been shut off, but some games have a strange glow like they are slowly getting and loosing power. Due to the poor lighting, most of the arcade is in the dark unless you are near one of the arcade machines.

I am the arcade master (AM).

The RPG functions similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but with some changes.:


  • You may discuss strategy with your party.

  • You may ask the AM questions.

  • You must tell the AM your actions for them to count towards the progress made in the game... eg I want to move to the center of the room and look around.

  • You can use advice given from those outside your party from the comments.

  • You can ask the AM questions, but commands will typically boil down to movement, actions, asking for more information, or asking to look around.

  • Your battles will be done using the dice url from random.org. You will be given the roll result whenever you ask to battle or fight something and that roll will be used to set the attack value for each of your attacks.

  • The game ends at 8pm EST.

  • There is a special reward for completing certain aspects of the game.

  • A party member is free to distribute to their party or keep any rewards or loot they earn.


  • There will be a comment for guests to announce they are ready called the GUESTBOOK

  • There will be a comment for players to discuss called the PARLOR

  • There will be a comment for players to take action/communicate with me, the AM, called the GAMEBOARD.

  • Finalized actions on the GAMEBOARD will be stored on a log in this post.

If I see that two party members have commented they are ready we can start the game.


You can send me private messages here at the Slothicorn Discord [https://discord.gg/qGWCbcb]

Story: @rubenalexander
Monster Art: @alexandravart
Other Art: @rubenalexander
Purple Ring: https://unsplash.com/@jeremyperkins


8:13AM EST@alexandravart arrived as an observer:)
10:43AM EST@justatouchfey arrived as a player! rawr!:3 Receives 10 tokens.
11:06AM EST@yusaymon arrived as a player! haha!Hola!! RPG magic slothy. Receives 10 tokens.
11:20AM ESTThe game has started. Players use the comments to take action or ask questions.
11:23AM ESTPut action in parenthesis like this (action) and questions in parenthesis like this (question) so we are crystal clearinfo
11:24AM ESTYour moms peel out of the driveway to attend ladies night at a local bar. @justatouchfey and @yusaymon look at each other and walk up to the entrance of the arcade. They have the option to explore outside the arcade or walk into the entrance of the arcade. You can also ask questions about the surroundings or ask for help for assistance with game play.story
11:25AM EST@inquiringtimes arrived as a player! woo!Not sure how this works. Receives 10 tokens.
11:26AM EST@inquiringtimes looks around the building in search of a circuit breaker. @inquiringtimes walks by the entrance and along the south side of the arcade by long window covered with posters from the inside. @inquiringtimes takes a left. The east of the arcade looks like the southside with posters covering the windows from the inside. @inquiring times takes another left and sees the back door to the arcade. To the right of the back door, he sees a circuit breaker that is stuck half way between the on and off position. The lid has been removed and is on the ground.discovers arcade's back door
11:50AM EST@yusaymon walks into the front door of the arcade and asks @justatouchfey, "What is your plan?" @justatouchfey remains silent humming the theme of The Legend Of Zelda. @yusamon steps in and there are several machines humming and buzzing. Some machines have a dim glow and are glitching out. Other machines seem totally broken. The closest arcade game to @yusamon is a game called BOOGER BOY. @yusamon walks into the arcade.
12:38PM EST@justatouchfey walks into the arcade, looks around, and sees @yusamon staring at the BOOGER BOY and all the ooze and puss the game artist included. She inserts one of her tokens into the machine and the game turns off. Then after a few seconds the BOOGER BOY theme music plays and the booger creature jumps out of the machine and challenges @justatouchfey to a fight who only has her fists to fight with.@justatouchfey starts a battle with BOOGER BOY (5 life points, 2 attack).
12:49PM EST@justatouchfey (20 life points) rolls dice and lands a (a roll between 3-6 is a hit, 1-2 is a miss). She rolls again to see how hard she will hit and lands a . BOOGER BOY tries dodging the punch, but he realizes he is stuck to the carpet. He says "Noooooo!" as @justatouchfey punches BOOGER BOY in the gut for 2 attack. BOOGER BOY launches a snot rocket from his arm and grazes @justatouchfey's shoulder taking 1 life point.BOOGER BOY (3 life points, 2 attack)
@justatouchfey (19 life points, 2 attack)
12:56PM EST@yusamon (20 life points) sees a snot rocket bouncing off @justatouchfey's shoulder flings himself into the fight and slaps the rocket back at BOOGER BOY. He rolls a and hits the rocket right to BOOGER BOY's head. He rolls a and knocks the snot right into BOOGER BOY's mouth. Surprisingly, BOOGER BOY is allergic to snot and begins to lose his balance. He cries out, "Does anyone have a tissue!", and falls into the BOOGER BOY arcade game causing it to short out and burn to ashes.The party defeats BOOGER BOY.
1:14PM EST@yusamon and @justatouchfey almost give each other a high five, but are grossed out by all the snot on their hands after the booger battle. They wipe their hands on the carpet and see there are two more games and a strange machine. To the north there is a fortune cookie machine. To the northeast there is a game called GOLDEN BATTACK! To the east there is a game called WOLF SLUGGER.The party finds two new games and one machine.
1:40PM EST@inquiringtimes hits the switch to the circuit breaker and power is restored to the arcade for a brief moment, but then the circuit breaker shoots out a spark and returns to its former position half way between on and off. @inquiringtimes walks through the back entrance and smells what seems to be a mountain of burning snot in the distance. He can't see @yusamon and @justatouchfey yet because the STUD BLUEBERRY MUFFIN arcade game is blocking his view. He also sees a small wooden treasure chest against the eastern wall.Discovers the treasure chest and STUD BLUEBERRY MUFFIN.
1:49PM EST@mikepm74 arrives!Sorry I'm late! Receives 10 tokens. Gets 20 hp.
1:52PM EST@yusamon tries putting what's left of the booger boy machine, but can't remove anything from the molten snot. He is able to remove both arms from the mess which look like snot swords (+2 attack). @justatouchfey puts a token inside the Fortune Cookie machine (rolls a ) and receives the following fortune: Used fortune cookie machine. 2/3 party members gain snot swords.
2:26PM EST@mikepm74 arrives at the arcade, walks inside and looks around in his usual confusion laden expression. He sees @yusamon and @justatouchfey walking past a pile of booger and ashes.@mikepm74 enters the arcade
2:32PM EST@justatouchfey looks around the entire arcade and takes inventory of what she sees.


  • 1 snot sword (+2 attack)
  • 8 tokens
  • 19 life points


  • 1 snot sword (+2 attack)
  • 10 tokens
  • 20 life points


  • Has something stuck to the bottom of his shoe.
  • 10 tokens
  • 20 life points


  • Is still finishing his bbq wing drumstick from lunch.
  • 10 tokens
  • 20 life points
2:35PM EST @justatouchfey walks over and inserts a token (7 tokens left) into WOLF SLUGGER and a loud howl makes everyone in the arcade cover their ears. A large wolf leaps from the arcade machine and slithers to attack @justatouchfey. It rolls a and reaches its paw to smack @justatouchfey in the face. It rolls again () and deals four damage. @justatouchfey (15 life points) steps outside of the arcade to take a breather. The wolf continues swinging at @justatouchfey, but accidentally hits @yusamon and @mikepm74. After rolling a and a it deals three damage to @yusamon (17 life points) and @mikepm74 (17 life points).Wolf battle begins!
3:10PM EST @inquiringtimes looks around the back of the arcade and finds a map!Map found.
3:50PM - 6:00PM EST@inquiringtimes looks over at the battle with the wolf and is bored by the action. He looks to find more hidden clues within the arcade. He tip toes along the east wall and enters the bathroom where the scent of urine nearly makes him faint. He pulls his shirt over his nose and notices the sink to the left is broken and the mirror above the sink is cracked. He kicks down the bathroom stall doors to see if he can gain any knowledge. He sees these three messages: . @justatouchfey runs in from her break and runs towards the monster preparing to swing her snot sword. She shouts "Batter up!" and @yusamon throws up a ball of snot he has been molding as @mikepm74 accidentally sets the snot on fire with the lighter (+2 attack) he smuggled into the arcade. @justatouchfey rolls a before wacking the bottom of the fiery snot ball towards the wolf's chest. She rolls a and the team does 8 damage to the wolf who is trying to huff and pull the flaming snot stuck to its chest. It fails and falls into the machine it came from causing the arcade machine to sink into the ground.Team combo kills the wolf!
6:10PM ESTThe team can see the last three games from where they stand and notice the game near the bathroom called CITRA. . @yusamon has been holding his bladder during the last fight and runs into the bathroom to relieve himself in the first open stall he sees.Bathroom break. Discover CITRA.
6:16PM EST@inquiringtimes grabs a shard of the broken mirror and attaches it to a plunger from the last stall to make a strange weapon with +3 attack. It would have been +1, but that plunger is pretty nasty.New weapon!
6:53PM EST@justatouchfey walks over with her flaming snot sword (+4 attack) and drops a token into GOLDEN BATTACK! feeling very lucky. She isn't lucky enough, because one of her tokens was a slug. It is spit out of the machine and she puts it in her pocket and tries another token (6 tokens left). A yellow arc of lightning splits the machine in half and a golden bat begins flying above the party.Encounter with a golden bat.
6:57PM EST@inquiringtimes casually walks by the golden bat that starts diving at him, but pulls away after seeing his mirror plunger weapon on his shoulder. @inquiringtimes puts in three tokens into the Fortune Cookie machine and gets the following three fortunes (7 tokens left) after rolling a , , and a . 3 fortunes
7:22PM EST @justatouchfey gets dizzy from the golden bat (5 life points, 6 attack) fluttering about and diving towards her party. She blindly swings her flaming snot sword hoping to connect and rolls a . The bat anticipates the strike and shifts backwards, but one of its wings is still singed by the heat. With a roll and +4 attack the bat spins out of control and strikes the Fortune Cookie machine breaking its neck and dying upon impact.
8:19PM EST@justatouchfey walks over to the east side of the arcade and sees the following three items:
She also sees an exit to the north and a bathroom sign at the south west corner of the arcade
@justatouchfey takes a visit to the east side.
8:27 PM EST @mikepm74 puts a token (9 tokens) in the CITRA machines and jumps back shielding his face. He lowers his arm and the machine hasn't changed like the others at all. He looks around the back of the machine and a large spider (1 life point, 3 attack) with missing legs stares at him. @mikepm74 touches its nose and says, "Your such a cute little spider, aren't you?", and it bites his hand for 3 damage (@mikepm74 has 14 life points).@mikepm74 challenges the CITRA spider
8:51 PM EST@inquiringtimes looks over and is filled with rage at the fact @mikepm74 called a creature with 4 legs a spider. He charges in the general direction of the spider to make it extinct and rolls a focusing his mirror shard at the center of CITRA's body. @inquiringtimes rolls a and obliterates the CITRA cutting it in half, and making his weapon more deadly as he notices CITRA's venomous sack (+2 attack) has splattered on @inquiringtimes's makeshift weapon.CITRA is killed.
9:45PM EST@inquiringtimes looks on the open floor in the arcade and can't find any slugs. @justatouchfey walks up to the treasure chest and tries to open it, but it is locked. She kicks the lock, sings to it, she even whispers a secret to it that no one has ever heard. Nothing she has done opens the treasure chest.Treasure time!
10:00PM EST@mikepm74 walks over to the treasure chest and somehow doesn't see @justatouchfey trying to open the treasure chest. He bumps her out of the way, and puts his foot on the chest before proclaiming, "Hey party. No need to worry. The chest buster is here!" @mikepm74 tries lifting the chest lid and it doesn't open.Treasure time!
10:04PM EST @justatouchfey flicks off @mikepm74 and tells him to watch where he is going. @justatouchfey reaches into her pocket and grabs 3 tokens. She puts a token and the slug back and inserts a token (5 tokens left) into the STUD BLUEBERRY MUFFIN arcade game. Immediately, the STUD (4 life points, 6 attack) bursts out of the machine and says, "You fools! You couldn't take care of business if it was right in front of you." The STUD grabs several chunks of himself and tosses it into each of the party's mouth. The party were staring at the STUD's chest muscles and had their mouths wide open while ingesting blueberry muffins so tart they attack the entire party for 1 damage (@justatouchfey => 14 life points, @mikepm74 => 13 life points, @inquiringtimes => 19 life points, @yusamon => 16 life points).Attack of the tart STUD!
11:33PM EST@justatouchfey lifts and spins her flaming snot sword an leaps towards the STUD after rolling a . She swings for his torso after rolling a and attacks for 6 points turning the STUD into a muffin top.@justatouchfey kills the STUD.
11:59PM ESTAM checks Snapchat, Twitter, Steemit, flags a couple comments, has a cup of chai tea, and goes to bed in his car outside the arcade.AM goes to sleep.
12:21PM EST@justatouchfey taps on the AM's driver side window and says, "Excuse me! Excuse me! You've been asleep for over an hour. We have to finish this arcade level to get on with our lives. Is there anything else we can kill in there?" The AM opens his door and stretches his limbs. He hops on the top of his car to do a downward dog and a sun salutation before hopping of the car and addressing @justatouchfey's concerns. "Does everything have to be about killing? I mean, I can see you are ready to strike something with that flaming snot sword, but take a step back. Has there been any hidden messages I've left you in your journey?" With that, the AM clapped his hands and transformed into an orb of purple energy, which floated for a few seconds then flew into the arcade building.@justatouchfey talks with the AM
5:29PM ESTThe AM transforms back to body form and places a thought in each players mind. "For the sake of time, rearrange the following letters to guide you to open your treasure. "G" "S" "L" "U"AM drops a huge hint
8:25PM EST@limabeing busts into the arcade with spacepunk witch battlearmor (+2 defense), a magic -orb that can travel in small spaces and see things for her, and a friend fairy-sprite that bites and heals @thekittygirl. The small orb travels around and inside of the Fortune Cookie machine to see the fully mechanical system that spits out fortunes. The orb floats out and into the treasure chest, which doesn't reveal much inside the darkened box.Crazy superpower entrance?!? Is this even allowed?
8:04PM EST @justatouchfey listens to the whispers of @inquiringtimes and searches her pockets for a slug coin. She finds it and walks over to the treasure chest. The lock has a keyhole shaped like the size of a quarter and @justatouchfey sees that the coin slot is slightly larger when it falls in. She lifts the lock to her ear and the coin sounds like it is bouncing down the walls of a metallic canyon with each clink and clang echoing and blurring sounds enough to mask when the coin hits the bottom.
She steps back see the treasure chest open an inch as the lock unlatches and falls to the ground. When she lifts the treasure chest she sees the following:
The end of Slothy's Arcade Adventure.
BONUS- @justatouchfey: first player award (1 SBD)
- @inquiringtimes: thinking-out-of-the-box award (1 SBD)
reward log entry.
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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

(action) I'm walking into the entrance of the arcade, "maybe I can find a multiplayer puzzles videogame I'm not always a winner... but I like chess nightmare mode lol" (question) What is your plan ? @justatouchfey ? :3

(action) I'm going to use the SLUG token on the treasure box!

(action) Battle Booger boy!!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


I'm playing Booger Boy Arcade Mode with @justatouchfey lol

I'll wait until your move shows up before I attack again. We can probably both battle Booger Boy.

flips switch to "on", and trys to enter backdoor

(action) can I go play booger boy?



We are just waiting for one more player to start.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

(action) WOLF SLUGGER I will try to fill it with booger and I'll show him that Slothvampires can eat at any time to end him disastrous damage !! @inquiringtimes must have a plan, in addition to @mikepm74 !!! yiiiihaaa!! (I'm going to the bathroom to pee)

Mostly I'm straying from the obvious in search for the hidden :). Maybe other plan I won't reveal atm ;)

Arthur Mason Worthington CB, FRS (11 June 1852 in Manchester – 5 December 1916 in Oxford) was an English physicist and educator. He is best known for his work on fluid mechanics, especially the physics of splashes; for observing those, he pioneered techniques of high speed photography. He also proposed the slug as a unit of inertial mass, and the pound-foot as a dedicated unit of torque.

besides that I'll grab any loose object from the bathroom and go throw it at that wolfy character... (whenever I wake up, lol)

I zoned out for a bit but I'm back! Hit the wolf!! Slug the wolf!!


reals back clutching at his direly wounded ear. It looks like he has been in a fight with Mike Tyson and had his ear bitten off.

Stepping forward he pulls a lighter from his pocket and attempts to set the wolf's hair on fire.

(action) takes exception to being hit by wolf slugger and looks around for anything which can be used as a weapon. Blunt force objects perferable. Will hit wolf with anything found, or with bare fist if no weapon comes readily to hand.

hehe, yer so violent

This is cool! I am far behind on catching up on all the news! This looks great so far!

Did you want to jump in and join the party?

I'm going to do an errand for a few hours, then I will! I need to read!!!! Cool....will u be around in a few hours?

I will!

Sorry I'm late..

(Action) arrives at the arcade, walks inside and looks around in his usual confusion laden expression.

Sweet. Okay I'm going to go play with the Fortune Cookie machine.


(question) or we can repair this Arcade Machine? @justatouchfey

I don't think we have to repair it. I think the monster just popped out of it.

(question) am I one of the folks who has a snot sword? (action) Go east and play Wolf Slugger.

This should have been answered with the inventory section of the gameboard.

Lol, anything left for me to kill?

(Question) @justatouchfey don't you have the slug token?? Maybe we should ask the AM about it?
(Action) goes out to knock on AM window.

Yeessss... (action) I'm going to look around to see if there are any more games to play.

(action) I want to open the treasure chest!

HEY!!!! @justatouchfey Try putting the slug in the lock on the treasure chest!!! DO ITTTT!!!! looks around to see if there are any games we haven't played yet, in the mean time.


Observe the remaining games trying to determine what to expect out of each one. Not knowing much about either, but recognizing that the potent weapons held by @inquiringtimes and @justatouchfey are closest to the Citra machine he decides to play the odds, and puts a token in that machine.

Alright hmm.... (action) play the blueberry game.

I see mike got hurt by that scary spider, I better step in and attack it with my sharp plunger weapon!

(action) sees the treasure chest no one seems to have bothered to open and wanders over. Tries to lift the lid without first inspecting the chest of a lock, or any traps for that matter.

ok, now I need to go on a slug hunt.. because they seem like they are important for this game! I'd like to capture one or a few in some container and save them for the right time!

Sweet! Batter up lol. (action) Play Golden Battack!

(action) Attack the golden bat!

Goes over to the fortune teller machine and gets 3 tokens worth of fortunes :)

Attack the stud!

(action) @limabeing busts into the arcade with spacepunk witch battlearmor, a magic -orb that can travel in small spaces and see things for her, and a friend fairy-sprite that bites and healS named @thekittygirl

Damn, i went swimming yesterday, and spent the rest of the night researching and reading......I will figure this out soon!!!

Not sure how this works, but I'm wondering if there is a circuit breaker somewhere to fix the power. Looks around for power source

Hola!! RPG magic slothy

(question) What happened with the Booger Boy machine that is shutting down !!??? aggggghhr! we can build a code for a new booger boy game?? @justatouchfey maybe an App? you can do that?

Explore entire room (maybe there is another circuit breaker, or map)

go to the bathroom and see if there's anything cool in there :)

I hope it will be very nice. I like war games too.we can repair this Arcade Machine?

Do you want to join the party? That arcade machine is too damaged to be repaired.

Thank you very much! That was very fun.

game for challenged to the gamer.

Happy New Year

giphy (9).gif
giphy (10).gif
giphy (11).gif

Happy New Year

nice to be hear this amaizing rpg..slothy's arcade adventure and interesting game


looks like you are a master in that

this is something very interesting

amazing gamers.thanks for rising my interest in playing some games @rubenalexander

test comment for @ginabot updates

ginabot test

test again

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

who will be the best game player @rubenalexander

This is AstroSloth approved! :)

The puzzle has been solved! Thanks for playing everyone. I had a ton of fun making this. I will be posting the last update to the game log. This was supposed to be a demo for a RPG that could be played and made through slothicorn collaboration. It turned out to be so much fun. I hope you enjoyed yourselves!

wonderful thanks for sharing :)

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