Bitcoin Dumps More Then $1000 In Last 20 Minutes. Is This A Another Bad Day For Crypto | Binance Hacked Or Rumors

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OMG ! Have you seen the dump of Bitcoin of last 20 minutes Bitcoin is not trading at $9692 which was $10751 20 minutes ago

Quick Update Bitcoin fall

Is this is a another bad day for the Crypto market and it's users because there is a news coming from somewhere that Binance Is Hacked but this is not confirmed. Some Binance users has reported that their alts are automatically sold for bitcoin and now they have bitcoins in their account. Another users reported that he has checked it's two factor authentication but it seems that there is no problem with them and i don't know how my alts are sold for bitcoin automatically.

Look at the last minutes chart of Bitcoin.


I haven't seen something like this before. I have checked my Binance holdings and i have my alts as i left so no problem or any change happens with my Cryptos unlike those has reported that there alts are sold for bitcoins.
Binance has also stop withdrawals. Here is what they reported on reddit.


May be the news of hack of Binance is all fake or rumors, can't say anything. I wish that, all these news are rumors and bitcoin recovers again.


Binance not hacked. It was a rumor. This is all because using of third party tools ( Bots ) that uses Binance API keys and Someone hacked the bot not Binance.

Best Of Luck :)

Please do not take it as a financial advise. THIS IS NOT A BUY REQUEST. It is just my analysis,opinion and result of readings. So before investing in any Crypto currency, do your own research first. I will not be responsible for any losses

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A big Whale dumped off a bunch of crypto today and still has 1.9 billion to go

Screenshot or it didn't happen ...

Cause bitcoin fall by $1000.

This is another example of why you should never leave fundson any exchange. If you do t hold private keys you do t holdany funds!

Well said ! Never share your private keys with anyone without knowledge. Save your keys,save your funds.


My advice? Stop using trading bots and learn how to trade by yourself. :)

Thanks for the post.



Ohh! so those were the bots. Thank god i never used it and now i found a good reason too, to not to use them.
Thanks for the update @fulltimegeek "Binance Is Not Hacked" :)

The following article by ZeroHedge may also help clarify why crypto is tanking ...

Thanks for sharing the link.

really its unbelivable.

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We should all just takes the ups and downs as part of the natural cycle of cryptos development. The mainstream media want ordinary crypto investors to be caught up every day in the rollercoaster ride of the market place. I would encourage all crypto investors to take more a long term historical perspective.

There are so many positive developments out there that should give us all confidence in the future of crypto. Many of these digital assets are solving real world problems and will continue to do so.
Lets face it large corporations are now rushing into the space.
Look at Stellar Lumens and its active partnership with IBM or Ripple's almost weekly announcements about yet more financial companies that are trialing its blockchain and XRP or Goldman Sachs taking over the Poloniex exchange.

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I really wish the are fake and romours too cus if it's true, then I'll be damn

Yup ! Smile it was a rumor.

Watch me smile abeg...
Damn.... Fake news ain't good at all

I really get an awkward feeling of these sudden increaseing or decreasing crypto markets. In essence I'm still positive about crypto. But there seem to be so many issues that the whole concept is at big risk. Like this it will never become mainstream. 😥

Positivity is the rule of success.

Feels so good to have all my funds off the exchanges, that should be everyones first priority, it also makes it harder to sell in times of panic and fud :)

Panic sell can be the worse decision ever taken.
By the way Binance not hacked, as updated.

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