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Ever thought of wanting to come back to our childhood? Maybe some people have experienced it. When we think back to our childhood we may be smiling and laughing how we used to be. With his innocence, many things we can learn from young children as our motivation. Through them we will be reminded how sincere they are to forgive, how they are friends, have big dreams, and so on. It may have disappeared from us who have become adults today. Here are the lessons we can draw from small children from various sources:

  1. Do not worry about tomorrow

Little children will never think about what will happen tomorrow. They enjoy what is on this day. Unlike adults who always think about what happens tomorrow, so it makes them afraid to face tomorrow. Worrying is normal for everybody but what makes it a problem is if the person is worried that the excess makes one unfocused with what he is doing right now. So stop worrying, believing that God will keep you always.

  1. Be honest with her feelings

Little children are the most honest creatures ever. Young children will cry if he is sad, they will laugh if they feel happy. What about adults? Are they able to be honest with their feelings? Adults tend to hide their feelings, which makes adults feel sad for their lives. Either they are shy or prestige to show their feelings.

  1. Quickly forget the problem and forgive

Like any adult, a child has also had a dispute with a friend. But the dispute was not to drag on, they were quick to forgive and play back without a grudge. From that we can learn that a long dispute will not bring peace to us, from the dispute there is only hatred and revenge. As much as possible we should be able to forgive those who have done wrong to us as children do.

  1. Have a big dream

Children remind us that it's okay to dream. In fact, we often think that dreaming will be a waste of time, fearful of the failures we receive. But if it were not for our dreams it would not be what we wanted. By having a dream, we've paved the way to success in the future.

  1. Never feel inferior with him

In the lives of little children there is no word inferior, they are always confident to go play with their friends. They never blame his body, how his face, his appearance, and others. In contrast to adults, minder is a problem experienced by them. If we continue to indulge in that sense of inferiority, we will not get anything from this life, we will only regret our circumstances. Therefore, change our mindset, do not be too focused with our shortcomings but focus and till continue our ability.

  1. Have a great curiosity

Sometimes we ever feel annoyed facing a child who is always curious. They are always actively looking for something that they have never seen and tried before. This trait is already beginning to disappear from most adults. Perhaps because adults are too many things they think about, but it's good if we still have this trait because there's no harm in being a curious person.

  1. More smiling and laughing

Childhood is a time filled with joy, we rarely encounter a sad little child for a long time. Most of the time they use to have fun. While adults are the opposite, some adults tend to do more to grieve. Either it's because of problems at work, family, or other that makes them that way. Try to take time to please do not let us dissolve in a problem, because a happy heart is a medicine. Do not say that your problem is big but say "Hey problem, I have a great God", excerpt from Merry Riana.

  1. Being unconditional friends

One more thing we must learn from young children is they never discriminate when making friends. No matter he or she is of different races, tribes, beliefs, and social statuses, they never see it as their limitation to befriend anybody. Not only small children who behave like that but we also must have this trait. The difference is not something that becomes our obstacle to befriending anyone. Moreover, we live in a country with a variety of differences, inevitably we must be able to accept the difference.


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