Basically, no. She doesn't know anything just like most climate change "experts".
For the record "climate change" is a hoax.

So, are you an expert?

Then you know more than the thousands of scientists, that did real studies with real data, and published scientific papers describing their methods of study, how they acquired the data, how they processed the data, what is the margin of error of the data, their conclusions on the data, allowing anyone who wants to make the same study and will probably reach the similar conclusion?

You are an amazing guy then...

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You realize 1,000 scientists thought the earth was flat too there is nothing that matters but the scientific data not the # of people who have fallen for this scam.

I am an amazing guy thank you.

So, you just proved my point?

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you had a point?
oh, 1,000 scientist with bad data that point

Please, there were no scientists which thought the earth was flat. Religion said the earth was flat, and who wouldn't believe it was killed....

There was plenty who said the earth was flat who were proclaimed scientists.

Also, there is a list of scientist who disagree so it isn't "settled science" which is another bold face lie.

List here.

@steemitqa. Do you live in a tropical country?🤔

Clap for yourself.😌🙄🙄🙄

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If you live in the tropics, you won't say climate change is a hoax

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This is the most ridiculest argument I've ever heard for why it isn't a hoax.
Is this Greta?

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