My trip to Museum of Uzhgorod Castle. Musical instruments of Transcarpathia: cymbals, trembita, sopilka and a lot of others.

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Hi Steemians!

Today i would like to show you what i saw in Uzhgorod castle's museum. It's a very big exposition and has 40 different rooms and themes.

As i already told in my previous post, a big part of this museum is closed for reconstruction but anyway i had a possobility to discover a lot of new things.

Today the museum's collection is about 115 thousand exhibits.

Particular attention deserves rare archaeological collections: the largest collection of bronze treasures and Celtic antiquities in Ukraine; numismatic collection consisting of more than 12 thousand Roman, ancient Austrian, Hungarian, Polish monetary notes.


I liked a lot the exhibition of firearms and cold weapons. It consists of 269 samples, which are stored in museum funds from 18 countries of the world.


Knight's armor, swords, hats and other things are very well preserved until our times.

The most commonly presented cold weapons are knives, daggers, swords, swords, spears, halberds, axes, maces, ...
From the firearm shows hunting rifles, pistols, carbines, trombones, and also powder bottles...


All the exhibits are behind the glass, so it is very difficult to photograph it because the glass reflects light and illuminates the photo. I was very upset cos of that but i managed to make few good pictures.

All expositions are very interesting but my favorite exposition is "Folk musical instruments of Transcarpathia".

This is a very old gramophone - the first system of recording and playing sound from a flat disk.


Here are some very interesting instruments called 'Torohkalo' or 'Kalatalo'.

They got this name because of the fact that it consists of a wooden plate with a handle and one or several movable elements, which during a sharp movement give a knock, a curtain. This tool was used in folk ensembles in the absence of a bubbler or a drummer.


Here are the cymbals which are one of the oldest stringed instruments.

Folk cymbals are the basis of a flat wooden chest of trapezoidal form, on which strings are stretched. Strings are made from steel. Cords for fastening of strings - metal, forged. Strings are arranged by choruses (riots): three or four or more strings in the choir.

Cymbals perform an important function in the National Orchestra of Folk Instruments. Here, they not only reproduce the color of the Carpathian region, but dictate a bright rhythmic pattern of the work, emotionally emphasizing its most dramatic moments.

I can only imagine how much time you need to learn to play this musical instrument 😱😱😱. It must be very hard to do.




There are also various types of Sopilka here.

This is the oldest musical instrument in Ukraine. Has a whistle device and up to 10 finger holes on the body.

I remember when i was a kid, my grandfather made for me a little Sopilka. I spent the whole day by boring with all my chaotic whistling until my mother burst into patience and she threw it away 😁😂😂😂.

Apparently, I'm not destined to play Sopilka or other instruments 😬😬.


Here is Bugay (bittern)- an ancient musical instrument, preserved mainly in western Ukraine.

The instrument is done by the musicians themselves: they take a wooden barrel, cover the skin with two sides and place in the center a bundle of horse hair.

The game is very simple. One performer picks up a bug in one hand, and with the other one pulls the hair with his wet fingers. There is a roaring sound, which seems like a roaring bitter.


And finally, the most famous Transcarpathian instrument - Trembita - a unique Ukrainian instrument that got into the Guinness Book of Records!

In this musical instrument, the soul of the Ukrainian mountains lives. Trembita is the longest instrument in the world, its length is from 3 to 8 meters.
Once upon a time, all Hutsuls' life were going with the sound of trembita. It informed about the release of sheep in the valley, the birth in the family of the child. It was used to invite to a wedding, with its caroling.

I was also trying to play Trembita but i didn't manage even to make a little sound 😁😂😂.

I told about it more in details in this post:

I hope you enjoyed my post dedicated to Uzhgorod castle museum 😉😉😉. I have a lot of interesting info and photos about this region yet so stay tuned:)

Best wishes,



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Великолепный рассказ. мне очень понравилось смотреть на все эти замечательные экспонаты.


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