Continuation of my adventures in Uzhgorod museum of folk architecture and life.

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Hi everyone:)

I want to continue the previous post about the life of the Transcarpathian region many years ago.

As you already know, manufactory production has been very developed in the old times. All household items, huts, tools were made by hand.

The houses were made of wood, and the roof was made of straw and clay or of wooden planks that are similar to modern tile.




As you can see, the straw is not a very strong coating, because over time it is covered with moss and rotting. The tree is much stronger material, but also has its drawbacks.




Wooden roofs are also covered with moss over time, but their greatest enemy is termites.

They are able to destroy a wooden house to such an extent that it will not be possible to repair it and make many other things unsustainable.

When I was a little kid and I came to visit my grandmother in the village, I was very afraid to go to the pantry. There was a huge wooden chest, which was eaten by termites. I still remember the terrible sound of those gluttonous beetles 😰😰😱😱😱.



The land in this region is very rich in plastic clay, so pottery became one of the leading industry. For daily use people made pots, plates, vases and so on. The dishes were baked in a special oven to harden the clay.

This is how it looks like:


Finished products were painted with enamels and paints. The most common were flower and plant ornaments.



People loved to decorate not only the dishes, but the whole house. Different designs were cut on the doors and windows.





Also women used spindles to spin a thread, from which they made clothes and rugs.

Each region has its own unique outfits, which were decorated with embroidery.

There is a large number of museums where you can see these clothes. It was a hard work that required a lot of effort and imagination.



The main transport of that time was a horse and a cart 😀😁.

The carts were made of wood and even the wheels were wooden. The cart vould afford a large number of people and it was possible to transport various heavy things with it.





An important tool of the Ukrainian farmer were hand-made stone mills, which were used to grind the flour and a mortar in which poppy seeds and various products are peeled.



I can talk for a long time about the various items that were presented at the exhibition in the open air,so it will not be an ordinary post but the whole book 😁😂😂😂.

The most valuable exhibit of this exposition is the old church, about which I will tell you in the next post😉😉😉.

I hope you enjoy to travel with me in my stories.

Best wishes,



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Ваш рассказ - нечто великолепное. Я зачитался. Спасибо, что рассказали об этом замечательном месте. Удачи Вам И Добра.

Thank you for the look back into the past. I can see similarities with other regions in Europe. Some of those stone mills travel a long way from where they were originally quarried. The Vikings used to export them all over Europe.


Thanks for reading my post :)
Woww didn't know that this instrument has such a long history!

Amazing photos!


Thanks for reading a lot! I've spent few hours to write this post 😰😰😰

Beautiful photos. I really love the old imagery of bygone days. Thank you!


Thanks a lot!

I like the carvings on the wall and the boards
thanks for the tour!


Thanks for reading my post! Just imagine people made it by their own hands 😨😱

Thank you for posting @olgy-art.

Lovely historical photographs and interesting tour of this museum featuring these beautiful architectural details.

Kind Regards, from bleujay's art account.


Many thanks:))

Although my upvote is small I am happy to share it with you.


Many thanks:)

Hey olga great work you will earn 1000's of followers with this post such an amazing one.never know that you have such amazing talent. upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you very much! I appreciate it;)

woh nice picture

Шикарне місце! Ми теж там гуляли!


Там можна весь день гуляти 😁😁

very beautiful!