The Road to Steem Fest | Budgeting... I need $ 5000! l am looking for a sponsor :)

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Hi friends! Here is the last day of participation in the third round #roadtosteemfest, but it is difficult for me to write on this topic. I do not know if I will be able to tell you how unrealistic my dream is to go to Thailand for SteemFest4 !!!
My account balance today is 3,500 Steem, which is about $ 700.
And here are the costs, how big obstacles are in front of me:
Steem Fest ticket, Plane ticket, Accommodation, Food in Travel...
The fact is that if I go, then we will go three - I, my @bugavi and my little daughter Darynka, so I need to have money for three.
So first the plane tickets! About $ 1500 for three!
We need an average of 30 hours to fly!
Agree, friends, that if I venture on such a trip, then after the SteemFest I would like to visit at least one paradise island :), which is so much in Thailand, with white sand, turquoise water, exotic palm trees, jungles, waterfalls for us. .. well, to make an unparalleled impression of a lifetime!


Housing compared to the cost of the flight is affordable. An average of $ 20- $ 30 per day. We searched for housing on Airbnb and Agoda sites.
If I plan to be in Thailand for 2 weeks, it will cost about $ 500.
My son traveled to Thailand a few years ago and shared his impressions of Koh Lanta Island.
To get from Bangkok to the island, we need to fly a plane and it costs us about $ 300. And then take the ferry $ 100 - $ 200. On both sides it will be about $ 1000.


Well, we still need to eat! Eating in Thailand is very cheap. I was told that for $ 20- $ 30 we can eat three lunches and fruits.
So we multiply 30 by 14 days. I need about $ 500 again :(
During my stay at SteemFest, I know for sure that I will have a lot of food :) I remember it was great in Krakow!


First of all, tickets to the SteemFest4
For minnow - €333.33
If I count in Dollars, it will be almost $ 800 for two.
I received $ 4300. You know you still have some money left over for other unforeseen expenses that you always have and you can't predict! So I need a minimum of $ 5,000!


I think: may I write such an announcement to God: a pretty woman from Ukraine with two beautiful daughters, who very much wants to travel, is looking for a sponsor :)


Thank you for this wonderful initiative
@anomadsoul and @blocktrades
that brings us together and introduces everyone who wants to go to SteemFest4. Friends - if we really want something, miracles happen!

This is how my Beautiful Sunday went today!
Life is so beautiful and fleeting that we have no time to fear! I wish you great faith and perseverance!

Thank you for your visit.

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Wow... you are hoping for more than me. I'm happy if someone gives me US$3,000. :-)

Heavenly treasures are full and if God wants, He will give generously for you, friend @ace108 and for me :)