Introducing Empowr with free $20 bonus

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This the link to empowr
Register for empower and get $20 from me as a friend.

NwaGod4Info earned a Mission Wheel spin by helping to make a better world.

About the Mission Wheel:
It pops up (based on chance) when you hit your Daily Goal
Prize amounts are based on your 30-day mission points
You earn mission points by providing products, services, coaching and transports to your fellow empowr citizens. Learn more
The more you sell:
The more you’re helping the empowr mission succeed
The more mission points you earn
The larger the cash and prizes on the wheel
Don’t miss out!
Cash and prizes are automatically up to 10 times larger when you advance your mission role

Every day is a new chance to spin (or miss out) so try to hit your Daily Goal as often as you canJPEG_20180703_144240.jpg

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the link to empower

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