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Holy shit - thank you so much!!!


Have fun with your shares ;-) Do you actually like Dune or did you google the answer?


Well, to be honest it is a bit of both :) I read the first Dune and liked it a lot, but several people discouraged me from reading the next ones, saying that they were not really on par with the great, first one. Maybe you have a different opinion?

Und noch ein mal. Danke sehr, noobsin, das hat mir ser gefreut. (Ich hatte für ein semester in Berlin gewohnt aber trotzdem, finde ich es noch scwerich auf Deutsch zu schreiben.) Viel erfolg nüchtern zu sein.

Thanks a lot!! Gentleman @ noobsin. I am dancing like an Idiot, laughing like a stupid.
I don't have any words left to express my feeling!!!

Hurray!! Yay!! Thanks a lot Gentleman!!


You´re welcome. Nice that you are so happy :-)

Thank you very much @noobsin

Greatly appreciated!


You´re welcome. Have a lot of fun with it ;-)

Thank you very much, noobsin. It is super humbling to have a stranger sharing such a nice prize and I will consider the best way to pay such a good deed forward. For a start, I hope it is ok to check in with you on your sobriety from time to time?


Have fun with your SBI ;-)