Another Family Vacation: Adjustments on Engagement

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Starting later this week I will be checking off my annual resolution list one more item that I promised the family and myself before the year started; a far away family vacation. The family and I will be traveling to Europe for a cruise vacation that will visit about a dozen cities across the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas. I do not do these types of travel so often as I am not a big fan of long flights, however I promised the family to do something more exotic this year and what better way to go to places we’ve never been before. With the exception of two or three cities, it will be the first time that we set foot on most of our destinations.

My daughter is probably the most excited before as she is now old enough to really start to appreciate things more. This is the second time she will be going to Europe but does not remember her first time as she was still too young. However, I recall that trip very vividly and remember the great time she had on the crew ship as it was with Disney. This time it is not with Disney but with a much larger ship that will broaden our experience as a family! We even have tennis courts on the ship which will be fun to play as both my wife and daughter have started taking classes this year. I guess I will see if the money has been worth it!

I personally am also looking forward to this vacation as I need some time to reflect on the so many things going on in my life; both professionally and personally. I have made many changes over the last year of how I have prioritize my life and time which includes my engagement on the platform. This will be a moment where I continue to explore the adjustments I will be making as the ecosystem continues to evolve with the proposed changes coming soon. Also, given my recent experiences on my shorter vacations to Colombia and the Disney cruise, I expect to have a much lower amount of engagement with the community including my abilities to connect and post while I am there. Therefore, I am considering to experiment a little bit during these days.

Due to the fact that I will not be available to consume as much content and engage with content creators, I have updated my auto vote settings to continue to support those that have been consistent in adding value to the community. While I will make an effort every day to browse through the feed and even engage, I thought it would work well for me to automate the curation process a little more. I am also taking a leap of faith in doing something I have never done to this moment, vote selling (let the Drama begin). I know this is a controversial subject but the reality is that in my past efforts of keeping up with my curation over vacation, I have had moments where my voting power was at 100% for an extended period of time. For me, that is both a waste of resources as well as a missed opportunity for my account to build value as well as create value. Therefore, I have set my account to be available to sell votes. However, it would only be available if my voting power exceeds 98%. I thought it would be interesting to see the returns as an experiment to see what others do.

Minnowbooster Vote Selling.png

I am also reviewing how I will adjust to a different time zone in terms of my posts. It will be challenging because I will have a number of days where we will be setting sail earlier than usual. While I may use a front end service that has the ability to schedule posts, I am more inclined to post earlier than usual to always have the ability to adjust as necessary. However, that will put undue pressure on me to create content in the middle of trying to enjoy a family vacation. Therefore, I have been thinking about ways to combine the two as I have recently in my prior vacation travel. I will also look to combine this effort with a new experiment to engage and incentivize my followers to keep up with my travel.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 1.53.03 PM.png

My thought is that every day I will share a picture of our port of arrival and some details of my day. The posts will be shorter than usual but with the thought to update them the next day with more content or more pictures based on the activities I complete with my family. I am sharing my route to see if I can engage in some “crowdminding" where the community that potentially knows about the cities could recommend things to do while there. I have had an opportunity to review most of the cities and have some itineraries but mostly I’m open to try different things. My focus will be to experience family friendly excursions. The thought is to have some interactive engagement with the community and see how well we can share our experiences and thoughts.

To incentivize the community and those that remain engaged with me during this time, I will calculate the payouts of all of these posts and will segregate the earnings into a separate pool where I will provide the equipment and SBIs back to those who supported and engaged on those polls. In full transparency, the values will exclude the amounts provided by the communities of curation I support via delegations. The distribution of SBIs will be done upon the final payout which aligns with the end of the June month.

My typical weekly posts that have become standard which includes Friday Introduction Curation post and Steem Monsters Sundays posts will remain intact but may be less than usual. I intend to remain active curating #introduceyourself posts and of course completing my Daily Quests during my vacation. In addition, I will continue posting my @actifit activity as I will leverage my inner tourist to get the most out of the visits! I know that the issue of quality has always been a talking point here and this may be my own experiment to this. However, my intention is to remain active and continuing engaging while enjoying some downtime with the family.

I share these thoughts will full transparency so that my supporters can make adjustments if they so wish as my posts will become more travel travel rather than my thoughts on markets, cryptos and Steem. I think it is great to change it up a bit and to share more but some may not come here for that so understand the adjustments. However, I have always been of the thought that we should always broaden our eyes to content here as we never know what we may find. In fact, part of this trip and experiment was inspired by @conradsuperb’s photos in Greece and @tarazkp’s post on broadening our reach in content we consume! See you on the other side!

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Have a fantastic trip with the family and don't stress too much about all the steem it costs ;P Looking forward to seeing some pics of your journey.

They will not be as good as your photos but I will try my best! Thanks!

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Good or bad, they are memories made to look back on and reminisce from time to time.

Sounds like a great trip. I’ve never taken a cruise, but one of my sisters and her husband love them. Don’t worry about us while you’re there. Automating is a good idea. We’ll still be here when you get back.

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I love cruises as they low effort in getting from place to place and deciding what to eat! Looking forward to the downtime!

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Going on vacation with the family once again that's really COOL to do man. And have great time with them and be enjoy your holidays.

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Bon voyage my friend. Do have a wonderful vacation.

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Thanks! Very excited for an extended sailing!

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Greetings @newageinv

Your willingness to work and commitment to the Steemit community is admirable, despite your family holiday activities, you continue to develop and generate interaction with the community, giving the example of perseverance, planning and proper management of available resources, the objectives are achieved.

An example to follow.

Thanks for your words! I will be trying my best over the next two week!

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Spending time with the family is one of the most important thing

Spending time with the
Family is one of the
Most important thing

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