for birds, infidelity is very useful to maintain the continuity of species, so as not to become extinct

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This was revealed from the results of research by researchers from the University of East Anglia, the University of Melbourne in Australia, and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

The results of the study revealed that the love of birds resembled human romance. Birds have the choice to live with one partner forever and give birth, like building a household ark. However, it turns out that the "household biduk" of birds is also decorated with infidelity.

From a human point of view, men are actors of infidelity, until the term "masher man" appears. However, in birds, females prefer cheating.

Research reveals that female females are still maintaining "commitment" with their male counterparts but continue to cheat on other males. Surprisingly, infidelity also produces children.

University of East Anglia scientists studied songbird species Acrocephalus sechellensis. They revealed that the female species preferred other males to fertilize their eggs.

The research team captured 97 percent of A sechellensis on Cousin Island. They took DNA samples and observed the reproductive behavior of the bird. A total of 160 birds born between 1997-1999 were studied and researchers found that 40 percent of the birds were "illegitimate children". Meanwhile, a team from Melbourne University and the University of Groningen examined the song bird species Parus caeruleus.

The researcher took 1,732 eggs from 190 species of P caeruleus bird nests. Scientists identify to determine the father of the egg and the egg is removed. The result is surprising, many eggs are the result of fertilizing other males.

ABC News reported, female P caeruleus had expertise in managing fertilization. Females can store sperm. At the beginning, the female will use another male sperm to fertilize the egg. Then just use the sperm "her husband".

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