a family event

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It does not feel that time is passing, so it grows so fast, just like that.
Already have one child and already have established business.
The broad in story that deeply moved him again hit his family's disastrous dealing with the authorities.
hopefully given fortitude.
minced coffee half a glass

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Raseuki peuteumun maweoed (bak hakikat) nyan chit ka teuntee na..
(Bak adat wajeb ta usaha)
Disampengnya cobaan dan ujian lillahita'ala.

Nyan ka betoi, hana salah leu

Semua itu ada hikmahnya, yang penting kita harus tetap semangat dan jangan putus asa.

What you talking a bout


What you talking a bout

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What you talking a bout

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What you talking a bout