Numb nuts caught on camera steal cat

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These hero's caught on camera stealing a catalytic converter from the maroon Prius.

The witness called the police who told her that they had no police officers to send out?

You want anarchy? We've already got it.



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I've just had a similar experience. My hand bag was stolen from a private party and the thief was caught on camera. I reported it right away.

A week later my case came to the top of the queue and they asked again what the venue was so they could email the manager. By the time they do that and he sends the picture back there's no chance of them doing anything more.

I was so upset at the time I didn't think. I should have asked to look at footage if the outside. If he ditched the bag after taking the cash I might have had a chance at retrieving it. 😢

Jeez that is really bad at a private function. It must make you wonder who did it? Did you get to see the footage at all?

The Police have literally given up in London. Sounds like they have given up where you are too?

That maroon car in the video by the way is my wife's and it cost £2,000 to sort out.
We had to get it home to Cambridge and taxis and what not.

The insurance company were as helpful as a fart in a spacesuit.

Which insurance company you ask? SAGA what a load of crap they truly are. They refused to help in any way at all even though we had paid for a fully comprehensive policy.

SAGA's idea of what fully comp means is a joke that you only find out when you try to make a claim.

SAGA's comment.

Fully comprehensive is just a turn of phrase we use in the industry

Which means what exactly?

We will not be renewing with them ever again. We have reported SAGA to the insurance ombudsman. Another toothless waste of space.

Oh dear.

Maybe I was lucky to discover I didn't have insurance for stuff outside the house. I had the same insurance policy for about 20 years which included outside cover but decided to change it a couple of years ago and didn't bother with the outside clause.

All in all, I lost about £600 of stuff but I doubt I would have claimed anyway. By the time you pay the excess and they put up our premium it isn't really worth it.

I saw the CCTV footage and the image was very clear. If he walked past me I'd have recognised him. But that just makes it even more frustrating.

Obviously I'd heard about Police shortages but you don't really realise just what that means until something like this happens. Reading what you've written as well makes it pretty worrying. 😢

What did the thieves get for that catalytic converter? Probably less than £25 what a joke. The misery, cost and frustration that these petty people cause is mind blowing and for what?

In many cases like your bag it's not the money aspect so much although ours was over £2,000. It's the personal things that matter and your feelings of safety being violated.

The insurance company did absolutely zero, nothing. That is what bakes my noodle. Wtf are we paying them for apart from the fact that we are obliged by law to have insurance?
They are the true swindlers in this world. These petty thieves are nothing in comparison.

Unreal! I wonder how they spend their time after dark. I'm guessing that is not the only kind of crime they are committing.

Apparently these crooks are part of an 'organised crime gang'.

They steal hundreds of these cats every month and no one seems to get caught?

They even hold up the traffic while stealing these things!

That is crazy. I am not sure that I would recognize what was going on. I would probably just assume they were doing an emergency roadside repair. I find it hard to believe they are worth enough to turn it into a big business!
After he retired Jim worked part time in a scrap yard and they always called the police when someone brought in scrap that was suspicious/stolen.

Yep they make peanuts on these stolen cats but the costs of sorting it out was crazy.

Jim worked part time in a scrap yard and they always called the police when someone brought in scrap that was suspicious/stolen.

It is illegal to trade them in to scrap yards here too but apprently they are loaded into containers and shipped overseas to be dismantled by basically by slave labour for their prescious metals. Highy toxic and nasty business and the police do nothing?

Not their problem? Who are they protecting? This is 21st century organised crime. If the theives get caught nothing will happen so it's very attractive for the numb nuts that end up in this 'business'.

Where is it??

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East London in broad daylight.

Unbelievable ...

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There has been a lot of this kind of theft going on. We found out later.
The police have given up even when the crime is being committed!

The license plate is either fake or stolen. I assume, but these guys are either pretty bold or super dumb so who knows?

That's too bad. Is it possible to write a statement to the police later and provide evidence?

That was all done but the Police stated that they were so short of staff that they now only respond to life threatening calls!?

At first I thought you said they tried steal a cat 😸 talk about click bait.

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Haha only click bait for cats.

Yep ... you want something good. You gotta build it yourself these days:)

I think they must have been inspired by Johnny Cash?

That was a perkup. Here it would be I'll get it 0.001 steem at a time:) LOL

Haha but remember it is cumulative and compounding.

wow! someone reports a crime in progress and the police say they have no one to send? why is that? That's some scary stuff.

the police say they have no one to send? why is that?

The government has cut back on public services. We have 20,000 fewer police than we had 5 years ago!

It's the wild west over here right now lol

my gosh! that's amazing. The police and fire departments are the ones you can't afford to cut back on, at least that's what I thought! wow. Everyone is just on their own and hope they don't need the police I guess. Does that mean no one gets stopped for speeding anymore?