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I'm trying to keep this @dtube review as non-bias as possible and I am taking into account that it's biggest competitor, Youtube, is a 100+ billion company. Billion. And Youtube/Google's parent company has the funds to make it better. DTube, on the other hand, is difficult to value but I can only assume it's a one or few-man project at it's starting stage. @dtube current Steemit account/funds are valued at $255,692. It's definitely an uphill battle but it's not a bad thing you tend to root for the underdog.


  • Youtube, familiar design is not a bad thing.
  • Simple, easy to understand, clean


  • Works but with hick-ups
  • Regular loading problems
  • Slow loading speeds
  • Occasional uploading problems
  • The site might react slowly every now and then

I'd say the quality of content, in general, is lower than on Youtube but that might just be in correlation to the lack of user base. Lack of user base brings us to the next point:
Definitely less content. Current content (no fault of @DTube's ) is primarily either Steemit circlejerk or personal vlogs. I think personal vlogs have potential of reaching a wide spread attention (think about who are the most popular and most viewed Youtubers. Logan Paul, Ricegum, Pewdiepie - they are all personal vloggers). As we grow, the content variety will definitely improve as well.

Can't complain much about it.

Final verdict:
@dtube definitely has it's shortcomings but is definitely a huge step forward in introducing STEEM to the world and has very good potential to be Steemit's biggest reason for user growth in upcoming years. Content-wise, it's currently, definitely, a niche selection but you're in luck if you like the following: personal vlogs, crypto podcasts, and Steemit related news.

I have no reason to doubt that the userbase will grow a lot in the near future and the selection of the content and quality of the site's technical configuration will improve a lot in the near future.

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