"Hey! it's my 1st Bday" - Freia-

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Today the youngest among @mini-zephalexia has celebrated her 1st birthday. Freia is one year old now.
We are all so grateful to celebrate her life and good health.
Today was a very busy day , Mom cooked some foods for few visitors , cousins , Aunts and Uncles from father side did came to celebrate it with us.

And of course we want ti share some photos of Freia


photo was taken when @mini-zephalexia first join steemit community





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Aww. She is so cute!! Happy Birthday little Steemer!! Enjoy you day!! Thanks for sharing @mimi-zephalexia
My grandson had his first birthday this week. :)

Such a cutie, happy birthday to you, little angel.

Happy Birthday Baby Freia! Wish u good health more thn anythng...

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