Deadlier than the male - Deadlier Beginnings Part 9

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Yes, I've been slacking - at least where my writing is concerned.
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I've shared this story before, a long time ago and I have new followers now, plus I'm working on the story to edit it. If you've read the story and have no interest in reading it again - with or without the improvements and commentary - please feel free to move on and ignore it.

If you've not read the story or you feel you'd like to re-read it and are perhaps curious about the comments and adjustments I'm making, please, grab a cuppa or a glass of wine, sit down, and enjoy the journey.

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His right hand moved downwards pressing between her legs, forcing it between them. She tried to close her legs but to no avail. He positioned himself better, forced a knee between hers and pushing his groin forward, he grunted as he entered her. Hazel screeched in shock and pain. She wailed in utter despair throughout the rape. She never stopped fighting and he had a constant struggle to remain inside her and in control of her hands so that she couldn’t try to damage him again. As he ejaculated, his body went rigid and the grumble sounded more animal-like than human.

Moments later, as he recovered from his exertions, he withdrew from her. He reassured her by a few breathless words. "Stop it girl, it could have been much worse. This is a means to an end, it is better this way; trust me at least on that."

He kissed her cheek through the fabric, and suddenly his weight was gone. The wrap was only held onto her face by gravity and between her legs was shocked as the cold hit there. She was torn and bleeding between her legs, the wetness of her blood and his semen made the cold air around her all the more abrupt in her private and violated place.

Not knowing how long she lay there on her side, sobbing her heart out, she shrank into a tighter ball as someone touched her shoulder.

"Nooo, please, no more... Leave me alone... please!" she whimpered through her tears.

"Hazel, oh God... Hazel!" William had found her.

Suddenly ashamed at how undressed she was, she again jerked away from his touch.

"Hazel! Oh you poor child!" William took her and held her tightly and close to him. He lifted her up and carried her out of the cave.


Mika whined and tried to jump up to her but someone held him back. Men from the hamlet were all looking at her. Hazel felt so ashamed, and she tried to shrink from their stares, burying her face into William's neck. She held her wounded hand close to William’s chest as he carried her home.

This was a difficult piece for me. I didn't want to write a rape scene for titillation or thrills because the story doesn't warrant that. I did feel it was a necessary scene, however, and I hope it comes across as an essential part of the story, rather than a bit of excitement thrown in for kicks.

I have encountered a writer who wanted a traumatic rape scene to lead on to the victim fantasising about the rape later in the story and I certainly did NOT want to go down that route.

Please give feedback, I enjoy your comments and I always learn something from them

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But why William didn't gave her clothes.? This is 🙁☹️ story...


William doesn't carry spare clothes with him and 'undressed' was more that her clothes had been displaced rather than removed and stolen.

You're a great story writer.... I read some parts of the former ones, but I still need to read again, but not right away.... It means I have to come back and read... Been busy this days...
I remember there was a time you talked about writers who can volunteer to write or something like, based on your story (topic) a continuation.... Don't know if you still remember?


Thank you. I'm busy these days too :)

I'm not quite sure what you mean. I don't think I've ever collaborated on a story with anyone else. I invited people to use the #story-mentor tag - is that what you mean?


Maybe I misunderstood you


I can't remember, I'm sorry. If you have an idea for a project and I could possibly help, please let me know.

I think that the rape scene is necessary to give us some insight into Hazel/Red's character. We needed to know what a scum bag Luke was to her...


Yes, that's exactly why I needed to write the scene. Thank you <3