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RE: I've delegated 25,000 SP to @steem-ua today because I want to be part of "Steem Movement"

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Hey hello Nathan. After all this time I notice only now you are also on Steem. Do you remember the English lessons you gave me at London ? how are you doing since then ?

Speaking of delegation, I myself found it important for the development of Steem to support new plateforms like @steemhunt, @actifit, @cleanplanet, @air-clinic ...and many others


Hey my friend @michelios! How can I forget my English Conversation class members ?? But I’m looking through your Steemit profile and I’ve not seeing who you’re..

Can you please tell me ? Thanks 🙏

I could just tell you I am michel (wich you can probably guess from my pseudo lol ) but I am sending you a message on Facebook so it will be clearer.

Now I can remember you after Facebook! We live in a small world. lol

I’m currently living in Japan 🇯🇵! How about you ?

Happy to hear that ! This year I had the opportunity to travel a bit as well, in france, spain and marocco. And obviously continuing to invest in cryptocurrencies and in myself.

indeed we live in a small world

I’m still very happy to see you here :)

Hope to see you at SteemFest3 if you’re coming !

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