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Restricting Freedoms

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I basically echoed unknowingly what Thomas Paine said, so I don't get the bullshit claim. So I suspect you just read the title, as most do.

I guess, you mean it in the sense that it's real simple. You say God, may I ask which one are you referring to? Christian God, Alah, Vishnu?

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The God of All Gods, there is no other & I read some of what you wrote. I don't recall you refererring to Natural Rights nor Liberty & you used a lot of unnecessary words that make it seem complex as well as providing analogies that you assigned to be true. Light does not always cast a shadow so how do you suppose your analogy to be valid? The attitude conveyed was one of an intellectual shedding light upon a mysterious subject to people that havent read or heard of first principles. There is no mystery & if you prefer secular terms I refer you to the Bill of Rights or The First Ten Amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America. That is where the whole world's "freedoms" come from, without that they wouldn't have near as many as they do enjoy now.

I think the mere fact that you say light does not always cast a shadow, shows me you are simply looking to be upset at something or someone. The analogy was simple enough.

On the God part, you sound very sure of what you know, a great example of humility.

But no worries, keep on keeping on. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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