My road to SteemFest - The weekend before in Bavaria

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I am really happy to see you all at the 3rd #SteemFest in Krakow. The weekend before I was in Bavaria to have a workshop with @isabelarens and meet with my sister @lizanomadsoul and our grandparents.


Isabel and me ate pasta in Munich and had an awesome workshop together thinking about how we can help each other in our job as consultants. Soon she will publish her #introduceyourself post with our help.

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We worked until late and met again in the morning to have a last brainstorming with breakfast. Then I drove back home changing the wheels of my car. It's becoming winter now and the car needs to be ready before we drive to Krakow with @gexi, @mammasitta and @yinundmann. After that I played billiard with Liz in the living room of our family house. I think its great to have a table at home. Hopefully we can play with you in Krakow, too. I will take my cue with me. We can also play bowling or poker. As you like. If there is a list to register please tell us.

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After our match we collected our grandmother and went to eat fish at the Starnberger Lake. The south of Munich is so beautiful. You have to visit Bavaria one day!

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At the end of this post I will answer @anomadsoul's last #roadtosteemfest questions.

  1. Tell us your most embarrassing moment in life.

I think the most embarrassing situation was when I was involved in a fire in the forest. Even if I was not the guy burning the ground it was not cool to be there. I was 13 years old and two friends of me and I tried to smoke cigarettes for the first time on a really hot summer day. The forest was super dry because it hasn´t been raining for a while and one friend flipped the cigarette on the ground where it instantly took fire. We all panicked and one friend left to get help but escaped home instead. The second friend informed the firefighters at a neighbours place cause of course we didn´t have cellphones back then. I had to stay and tried to fight the fire by myself but it got too strong really. So I jumped out at the very last minute to safe myself. When the firefighters, the police and my parents arrived I was so embarrassed I started to cry. It also turned out later that the part of the forest belonged to our landlord which made it even more embarrassing for me. This was the only time I got grounded for a whole week but we all were happy that nothing more happened.

2.- If you were stranded in a deserted island with three SteemFest attendees, who would they be and why?

If I would be stranded on a lonely island I would take @mammasitta, @lizanomadsoul and @anomadsoul with me because I was already with Liz and Eric in the Caribbean and it was a lot of fun. Also Silvie is always in a good mood even if strange things happen.

  1. As thumbnail of your post, make a funny face.

There you go, I am looking forward to your memes.

weird home.jpg

4.- If you had one superpower (any superpower), what would it be, why, and how would you use it during SteemFest?

If I had a superpower, I would like to be able to make people see what I envision transiting my thoughts directly to them. It would be great feedback for the @globalschool and all the projects we are representing at the SteemFest.

5.- If you had to pick one Steemian for a summer fling story, who would it be?

I would choose Olha, community manager of the to write with her help some posts about soccer. ;)

Thank you for your attention and support for the @globalschool, @opt2o and the @silkroad40 blog! I am excited to meet you all in Krakow next week, see you soon! :)


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It was nice to have you here and beat you in pool haha ;) Looking forward to the roadtrip to steemfest next week! Take care :*


Ich gönns dir. Du hast den Billiardtisch ja auch besorgt und schon mit Peter geübt. Bis morgen! :)

We wish you a lot of fun and success in presenting the @globalschool in Krakow! ;)


We are happy to take a stand for crypto education! ;)

Einsame Insel ? Mit Dir ....Ok :) why not hahaha.....Always in good mood as long as there is sunshine and coconuts all around us !


Haha :D I am sure we would have a great time with Liz and Eric until we get rescued ...


Let’s gooooo hahahha


Tomorrow we drive to Krakow, juhu! :)

Good luck @manncpt! Looking forward to hearing lots of exciting reports from Krakow!


Thank you! We will do your best to keep you up to date. ;)