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Freewrite Day 485 Heretics

in busy •  3 months ago 

Thanks for recommending all those aid for minnow, dear @fitinfun!

I'll start to follow @freewritehouse, @pifc, @socalsteemit, @qurator, @steemitmamas, @steemiteducation, @travelfeed, @onelovedtube, @steemgigs, @foodfightfriday, @heyhaveyamet,@steemcommunity,
@paulag, @abh12345, @thedarkhorse, @simplymike, @crypto.piotr so to have a Steem's feed motivational and inspiring!


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Those are all great people to follow and all will help you as you get started here at steem @maitre. Also take a look at my minnow tips post at the end of this post. It is old, so do not vote it, but it has a lot of help to get you on the right path here.