The ABC of the Dentacoin cryptocurrency

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Currently, cryptocurrencies have become very popular, so that more and more specialized currencies are coming to the market bringing very solid and interesting proposals, being one of them Dentacoin, since in its short time it has managed to capture the attention of many users for being a cryptocurrency linked to the field of health.

What is Dentacoin?

Dentacoin is a cryptocurrency that constitutes a self-sufficient initiative linked to the area of ​​health, specifically in the dental field. He made his official entry into the market on August 11, 2017, quoting at that time at US $ 0.0003 per unit.

Its creation was in charge of a great team of professionals, including programmers, marketing experts, developers, dental engineers and financial experts from various countries, all led by the professor and Dr. Dimitrakiev who is the main founder of the Dentacoin project.

This project is supported by the platform "Trusted Reviews Platform", which is based on the blockchain Ethereum, also has its cryptoactive known as Dentacoin (DCN), which can be used by anyone worldwide.

As a cryptocurrency dedicated to the dental sector, this project has as its main objective to improve dental care throughout the world, making it more accessible for people who want to take care of their health.

What is the Dentacoin cryptocurrency?

Dentacoin is based on block chains, which makes operations much safer, since all the information provided can not be filtered, altered or eliminated.

The DCN can not be mined independently; however, there are several ways to acquire them, either buying them or earning them. Free tokens can be obtained by registering on the platform, being patients of a clinic associated with it, participating in programs where they reward patients for giving their opinion through surveys and by referring or spreading information about Dentacoin to others. .

Likewise, they can be purchased through trading platforms, among which stand out: Cryptopia, EtherDelta, Mercatox and CoinExchange.

Advantages of acquiring Dentacoin

People who have this cryptocurrency can use it to pay for consultations and treatments at clinics affiliated with the network, or keep them if they wish, as a form of investment.

However, not only patients are benefited with the acquisition of this virtual currency, but also dentists, as they can buy dental products and equipment at a much lower cost than those in the market.

Profitability of Dentacoin

As with other cryptocurrencies, the profitability of Dentacoin has varied a lot, thus having increases and decreases in its price. At the moment of launching in the market this currency did not have a high performance, since it was quoted in 0.0003 USD, having then a fall below the 0.00025 USD, amount that remained until the end of December of the year 2017.

However, in just two weeks it began to increase its value significantly, passing to 0.00727 USD, thus having a gain of approximately 3000%.

In spite of the increase it had, a short time later it began to fall again, reaching a current price around 0.0032 USD per unit, which still represents a gain for those who invested in Dentacoin before December of last year.

Although there have been variations in its price, many investors are still betting and investing in this cryptocurrency. For their part, the founders continue working to improve and promote their project, in order to attract many more people.

Dentacoin: future projection

Since its inception, the promoters of this innovative project have established a timetable with tasks to be performed, which have been fulfilled and carried out optimally and as expected.

Therefore, they still continue with their aspirations where they plan to close the year with the launch of Dentacoin health insurance, and by mid-2019 they plan the integration of a database for health care, among many other plans to future.

It should be noted that more and more people are joining this project, which has also led to the expansion of the network of partners and dental offices, which see Dentacoin as a very profitable platform with the capacity to drive on large scales .

This project has high expectations for the future, since patients who choose to enter the world of Dentacoin will not have to rely entirely on the dental coverage of their health insurance, because by supporting themselves with this cryptocurrency they will be able to use it to pay for their care. your oral health whenever you wish.

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