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RE: Cryptotvplus Invites Tojukaka for an Interview

in #busy4 years ago

Whenever I'm called to talk about Steem in the media like this, I usually talk about the effect that Steem has on the lives of people all around the world.

@tojukaka, this is a powerful statement, and especially the potential of what this statement can mean in other industries as well.

When you are able to speak about the effect of something on the lives of people, it changes the story, it makes it more compelling, it feeds the emotions and sensibilities of the listeners, it gets them to act, they dream about it,they imagine it as a possibility in their own lives as well.

Thank you, I am using this somewhere soon.


Yeah, we can argue about the pros and cons and talk technical jargon but when it comes down to what really matters, things like it is good for community, e.t.c. We can't argue that.

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