📷 #ColorChallenge TuesdayOrange "Crazy Graffiti Art"

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Hello dear Steemians


Tuesday Is Dedicated To Orange

Here is my contribution to #colorchallenge tuesdayorange by @kalemandra.

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing.

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Nice cool shot

Thank you.

Das sieht mal geil aus 👍

So sieht die Wand also in Gänze aus! Das oberste Bild ist interessant, kennen wir doch von Dir nur die Nahaufnahmen bislang. ;-)

Stimmt. Old School Steemians kennen das Close-Up bereits.
Danke sehr mein Lieber :-)

Ich durfte die Fotos ja mal in einem meiner Videos verwenden. Daher kann ich mich daran besonders gut erinnern! :-)

Its also crazy street wall art, good use of orange colour as well as captured.

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Thank you @sheikh27 :-)

Excellent graffiti. The real work of art :)

Thank you @magnata :-)

wonderful colorful picture . great photography
Thanks @lichtblick
Have a nice day

Thank you @goldcoin :-)

Wow... Such a craziest graffiti in this place. More colorful.

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Thank you very much :-)

That is so cool! Love graffiti and caricatures. Thanks @lichtblick

Thank you @enjoywithtroy :-)

Fantastic click. good work.

Thank you.

So great to see a graffiti on your post after such a long time i miss it :D

Wow ,beautiful wall art .thanks for share .

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woow this style is amazing